Woman’s New Motorbike Joy Turns into an Unexpected Crash Outside Dealership

Mariali Hernández’s excitement over her newly acquired motorbike quickly turned into an unexpected mishap as she lost control and crashed on the pavement, just moments after leaving the dealership.

The video captures Mariali’s cheerful expression as she poses on her vibrant pink and black Honda Navi motorbike before setting off for her first ride. However, her attempt took an unfortunate turn when she struggled to maintain control, colliding with a step on the pavement and subsequently tumbling off the bike, which eventually ended up on the street.

Thankfully, Mariali emerged unharmed from the incident, which occurred in her hometown of Puerto Vallarta, located west of Mexico City, Mexico, on Saturday, May 27th. She shared the video on TikTok, where it quickly gained viral status, amassing 7 million views.

Accompanying the video, Mariali captioned, “Me leaving the dealership with my new motorbike.”

A local resident advised, “Honda provides a driving course when you purchase a motorcycle. Practice in a safe environment, obtain your driver’s license, and then venture onto the streets to ensure success.”

Mariali responded, “Well, that was the thing, it happened within the first five minutes of training.”

Various commenters shared their experiences and well-wishes. Yenni playfully remarked, “She already broke it, hahaha.” Raúl empathized, stating, “I won’t blame her. Honestly, during my first time riding a motorcycle, I experienced the same fear. I almost had a similar incident, but I managed to regain control.”

Gabo expressed sympathy, saying, “I’m sorry about the fall, but I’m glad you weren’t hurt. Enjoy your new motorcycle.” Cesar added a touch of humor, joking, “New motorcycle for sale. Zero kilometers, minor paint chips, and other unique features.”

Mariali later filmed a video showcasing her motorbike after the incident, revealing only minor scratches and scuffs. Fortunately, the damage was relatively superficial, allowing her to continue enjoying her new ride.

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