Mother Without Arms Becomes TikTok Star, Sharing Inspiring Journey of Parenthood

Dejana Backo, a mother without arms, has been sharing her remarkable journey of parenthood on TikTok, demonstrating that her physical disability is no obstacle when it comes to caring for her daughter.

Born without limbs, Dejana has always found unique solutions to overcome the challenges that life presents. Four months ago, together with her partner Marko Nezic, she joyfully welcomed their baby daughter, Lara, into the world.

Through candid videos on TikTok (@marko_dejana), Dejana has been documenting the ups and downs of her life as a mother, garnering millions of views across her videos.

In an interview with, the artist shared, “It was not easy in the beginning. I desperately wanted to pick up our baby by myself, but it was a challenge. However, as Lara turned four months old, I found it easier to perform tasks such as taking her out of bed and putting her in chairs. Her neck has become stronger, and she is growing up so fast.”

Dejana approaches parenting creatively, using her feet for various tasks like bottle-feeding and dressing Lara. In one video, she showcases how she puts her daughter into a baby carrier using only her feet, emphasizing that she is constantly learning and adapting for the sake of her child.

Remarkably, Dejana employs her chin, shoulder, fingers, and hands to accomplish everyday tasks. Another video captures her carrying Lara’s stroller up the stairs alongside Marko.

Dejana acknowledges that some activities take more time, but she remains determined and resourceful. While they avoid cooking and rely on outside food, they have hired assistance for house cleaning and two hours of support with Lara, particularly in the evenings.

Before becoming a mother, Dejana gained recognition on TikTok for her foot-painted artworks. However, she has been overwhelmed by the positive response to her parenting journey, with people hailing her as a “superwoman.”

Nevertheless, Dejana humbly asserts that this is their normal life and they are not doing anything extraordinary. She expresses gratitude for the opportunity to inspire others through their everyday experiences and unique approach.

The heartwarming videos have touched the emotions of viewers, prompting comments filled with admiration and support. Many have commended Dejana’s resilience and dedication, praising her as a superhero and a brave mother.

Dejana’s story serves as a powerful reminder that love, determination, and adaptability transcend physical limitations, inspiring others to embrace their own unique paths and celebrate the beauty of life.

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