Supermodel Iman Reminisces Honeymoon Memories in Bali Without David Bowie in Emotional Snapshot

Iman Abdulmajid, the renowned supermodel, has taken a poignant trip down memory lane, reliving her honeymoon in Bali without her late husband, David Bowie, in a heartfelt snapshot.

The Somali-American, now 67 years old, fondly recalled their post-wedding trip in 1992, sharing a throwback photo of herself cuddling Bowie in a swimming pool during their Bali getaway. In a bittersweet twist, Iman recently returned to the same spot, three decades later, but without the iconic musician who passed away in 2016.

Iman captioned the photo, “June 1992 Honeymoon, Bali. January 2023, Bali. Bowie Forever.”

Fans expressed their support and love for the couple, with one admirer stating, “If I ever have children and they ask me ‘What is true love?’ I will make sure they never forget you two.”

Another fan reassured Iman, saying, “He’s still here with you.”

Many were moved by the touching snapshot, with one comment expressing, “This brought a tear to my eye! Thank you for sharing such a sweet memory. I hope you felt his spirit there with you and found comfort in your memories of your time there with him.”

Iman and Bowie shared a deep connection with Bali, and Bowie even wrote a song titled “Amlapura” with Tin Machine in 1991, dedicated to the island.

The couple first met on a blind date in 1990 and later married in a private ceremony in Switzerland. In 2000, they welcomed their daughter Alexandria, affectionately known as Lexi.

Lexi, who was just 15 years old when her father passed away, recently shared a heartwarming video on social media. The clip features a young Lexi dancing with her father in their living room, accompanied by the message, “My forever sunshine.”

Iman’s snapshot and Lexi’s video serve as beautiful tributes to the enduring love and cherished memories shared by the remarkable couple.

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