Farmer and Two Horses Fatally Struck by Lightning Bolt in Field

A farmer and his two horses were tragically killed when a lightning bolt struck them while he was ploughing his field in the midst of a rainstorm.

The farmer had been working in the field and was trying to complete his tasks before the rain intensified. Suddenly, a powerful lightning bolt struck the ground, resulting in the immediate demise of the farmer and his two horses.

The incident took place during a heavy rainstorm in Acatzingo, a rural area southeast of Mexico City, Mexico. It occurred around 6 pm on June 3rd. Witnesses, a group of agricultural workers, promptly notified the emergency services about the incident.

Upon arriving at the scene, police and paramedics confirmed the tragic deaths of the farmer and his horses. The authorities proceeded with the necessary legal procedures and removed the bodies from the field.

The rainstorm caused significant damage to multiple farms and buildings in the area of Acatzingo. In light of such weather conditions, the Mexican Government advises residents to refrain from participating in outdoor activities and using open vehicles during storms.

Although incidents like these are considered rare, it is important to note that being struck by lightning can have severe consequences. Between 10% and 30% of individuals struck by lightning do not survive, and around 80% of survivors experience long-term injuries.

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