Community Celebrates Installation of New Speed Cameras on A390 near Gunnislake

The installation of two new speed cameras on a busy stretch of the A390 near Gunnislake has been welcomed by the local community as an effort to encourage drivers to adhere to the speed limit.

Located at both ends of St Ann’s Chapel, the bi-directional cameras have the ability to detect speeding motorists traveling on both sides of the road.

After years of campaigning and data gathering by the community, the implementation of these cameras addresses the issue of speeding drivers.

Dorothy Kirk, Cornwall Council local member for Calstock, expressed her satisfaction with the new speed cameras and mentioned the positive feedback received from local residents. She emphasised the importance of respecting the speed limit for the safety of the community, especially children. Kirk acknowledged the helpfulness and responsiveness of Cornwall Council officers throughout the process and expressed optimism for a safer future.

Councillor John Wells from Calstock Parish Council highlighted the concerns of the local community regarding speeding in St. Ann’s Chapel, which has become a busy area with significant traffic flow. The installation of the cameras has already had a noticeable impact on traffic behavior, making the road appear safer. Wells described the installation as the culmination of years of effort to secure funding and permission for the cameras.

With the speed cameras now operational, plans are underway to construct new pedestrian crossing points, facilitating safer walking and cycling routes to schools.

Connor Donnithorne, Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for transport, emphasised that speed limits exist for a reason and are in place to protect road users and surrounding communities. Donnithorne stated that the goal is to ensure drivers respect speed limits voluntarily rather than relying on cameras or highway changes to enforce compliance. He emphasised the council’s commitment to working with communities to address road safety concerns.

The installation of the speed cameras is a joint effort between Cornwall Council and Devon and Cornwall Police. Chief Inspector Ben Asprey, head of roads policing at Devon and Cornwall Police, urged drivers to consider the consequences of exceeding speed limits and emphasised the role of speed in road traffic collisions.

Cornwall Council aims to review raised concerns and prioritise projects based on available funding. While requests for speed reduction measures often exceed available resources, the council remains committed to addressing the community’s concerns.

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