Sub could be snagged on debris near Titanic says marine rescue specialist

Butch Hendrick said reports of banging noises detected in the area are ‘extremely positive’

BANGING noises detected near the wreck of the Titanic is an “extremely positive” sign and suggests the missing sub is snagged on debris on the seafloor, according to a marine rescue expert.

He told GB News: “Certainly the banging sounds, they were at specific intervals. There were certain sounds coming out, there was a break of a period of time, and then similar sounds coming again. That’s extremely positive.

“It could lead us back to one of my original theories that the submersible is entangled somewhere within the debris field of the Titanic.”

In a discussion with Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner, he continued: “The rescue is going to be extremely difficult. There are only a couple of units in the world that can do that kind of depth.

“Most likely what would happen is we’d be using an unmanned remote controlled vehicle, an underwater rover, it would have to be able to make contact with the unit with the submersible.

“We’d have to be able to make physical contact in order to relieve it from any entanglements or problems that it does have and most robotic submersibles are capable of each having manipulative arms. We can put cutting tools on them, grab tools, clutches, and they can change them.”

He added: “But then we have the problem of how do we bring it back to the surface. Now, with any luck if it’s simply entangled, the moment we could free it, it may be able to bring itself back to the surface. That’s what it is designed to do.

“If it hasn’t come up, it’s because it can’t and we have to try and figure out how we’re going to go down and make an attachment, but 13,000 feet of cable is going to be reasonably impossible.”


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