MasterSounds unveil full details of brand new high-fidelity, high-powered modular audio system – Clarity M.

Celebrating 15 Years Deep of MasterSounds
MasterSounds continue their award-winning work announcing a new flagship high fidelity modular audio system – Clarity M.

Unveiled in full detail today the Clarity M audio system now impressively leads MasterSounds premium quality product line-up of high-fidelity audio systems, hand-made esoteric DJ Mixers and audio accessories designed and manufactured with skill, care & attention to detail in the United Kingdom.

Clarity M is a natural progression for MasterSounds, expanding from smaller home audio systems seen in the Clarity A system into a larger adaptable package offering true high fidelity but also capable of a higher SPL output that can meet the demands of larger public address applications.

Rooted in the companies’ esoteric principles of sound and simplicity, the hand-made to order Clarity M retains its predecessors beautiful modular and minimalist design DNA, and MasterSounds’ 15-year deep design ethos whose deep history in DJ and audio has pioneered an incredible and revered line of high-fidelity audio products from DJ mixers, FX units, turntable weights and more.

“It really was natural for us to expand into Clarity M from the small footprint of our wonderful Clarity A Audio System. We wanted to keep the familiar classic look and feel of Clarity A when we scaled up to Clarity M, as well as maintaining the fantastic transparent sound signature that gave us the name of ‘Clarity’ to begin with” Ryan Shaw, MasterSounds Founder.
Featuring passive loudspeakers and power amplification via MasterSounds project partner Full Fat Audio, Clarity M is both high fidelity and high powered; offering a wonderful sound experience designed for home HiFi Listening, listening bars or discerning public venues. With its modular design, the striking presence & outstanding sound image of Clarity M is designed to adapt to a wide range of scales and demands.

The 12″ full-range Top:12 is married to a Sub:15 modular subwoofer, which can expand from the entry-level paired stack through to a high-headroom, refined four-point sound system.

Clarity M is hand made to order in England, Configurations start at £12,495 (incl. VAT for UK customers – International customers £10412.50 + VAT).


PRODUCT NAME: Clarity M Audio System

RELEASE DATE: 5th July 2023

PRICE: Configurations start at £12,495 (incl. VAT for UK customers – International customers £10412.50 + VAT).


Sub 15 – Our high-powered, line-loaded reflex bass loudspeaker offers superb linear frequency response with fast transient detailing.

Top 12 – Its seductive full-range coaxial driver gives high output and excellent phase coherence when mated to Sub 15.

High Power, High Fidelity – Clarity M offers refined fidelity at high SPL, with passive loudspeakers and power amplification via MasterSounds project partner Full Fat Audio.

Flexible – The Top:12 can be placed atop Sub:15 in a point source arrangement, or ‘flown’ for wider sound dispersion of mid and top-end frequencies.

Modular – Clarity M’s modular design enables a unified upgrade path. The entry system comprises a pair of MasterSounds 15″ sub enclosures, and a pair of full-range 12″ top enclosures, powered by a single Full Fat Audio power amplifier. This can expand into a four-point system featuring 4x Top:12 and 12 Sub:15 units, for much higher SPL and coverage.

Classic – Grill-less enclosures showcase the transducers in their purest form.

Sound Signature – High headroom, refinement & transparency, with satisfying dynamic range & enviable sound image from 25Hz to 20kH

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