Want to know how Carbon Removal can help ICT companies be more sustainable?

MEF will be hosting its first sustainability and Carbon Removal webinar aimed at the ICT sector this Thursday 6th July, from 4pm to 5pm (BST).

Earlier this year the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) launched the MEF Climate Guide, which aims to help ICT enterprises to get going with their sustainability strategy. One of the topics mentioned in the Climate Guide is Carbon Removal.

Carbon Removal can be used to remove current and historic carbon emissions from the atmosphere, helping companies be more sustainable going forward and take responsibility for their emissions in the past.

To help ICT companies understand how to do this and what it means, MEF has teamed up with Direct Air Capture pioneers, Climeworks, to host a webinar entitled: The role of carbon removal in your net zero strategy.

MEF’s Sustainability Advisor, Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, will be joined by David Zorn, Climeworks’ Head Strategic Partnerships Telco.

David will explain how carbon removal actually works and why it is good to engage now. Plus, there will be a brief recap of the recent Direct Air Capture summit. The aim of the webinar is to help you gain greater insight and inspiration for your own 2030 NetZero strategy.

To register for free, please visit: https://mobileecosystemforum.com/events_/the-role-of-carbon-removal-in-your-net-zero-strate

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