Amazon rolls out Business Prime Duo to turbocharge UK SME procurement

Amazon is set to accelerate the SME procurement process by rolling out its new Business Prime Duo package, offering small business owners fast, free delivery and exclusive Amazon Business pricing and analytics.

The Business Prime Duo membership will help small business owners save time, money and focus on serving their customers and growing their businesses. The package unlocks business-focused benefits, including fast, free delivery on business purchases, customer survey tools, and convenient business delivery options like consolidated shipping.

Members also can tap into Amazon Business features that help them keep their personal and business buying separate and streamline business purchases. Customers also get access to spend intelligence tools that help them control their purchasing, identify frequently purchased products that can be ordered in bulk, select products with sustainability certifications, track orders for tax purposes, and much more.

Responding to the announcement, industry veteran Josh Boer, Head of Sales Europe for technology consultancy VeUP said: “Giving entrepreneurs and innovators instant access to purchase business supplies, services and technology is critical to empowering the next generation of SMEs to move forward.

Boer continued, “As smaller companies battle against stubborn inflation and soaring interest rates, reaping the benefits of cloud computing to lower costs alongside developing a faster, more effective procurement process is a key step to driving growth in uncertain times.”

In a statement, Todd Heimes, Director of Amazon Business Worldwide said, “In my 20 years at Amazon, I’ve always been impressed by the drive and resilience of our small business customers. Small business owners are passionate about what they do and we know that many of them do it all by themselves. From product development and marketing, to procurement and finance, these small business owners wear multiple hats each and every day.”

At Amazon Business, we are committed to helping them succeed by investing in new tools and services that streamline small business buying. We are excited to announce that Business Prime Duo is now free to Prime members who make purchases for their businesses,” he added.

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