VCMO launches in UK to help businesses build a competitive edge through marketing transformation

VCMO Limited, a revolutionary virtualised marketing advisory business, is proud to announce its official launch in the UK. VCMO empowers businesses to overcome strategic marketing challenges and build and protect a competitive advantage through innovative transformational solutions.

Founded by Paul Mills, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, VCMO will address the critical problems identified through his extensive 15-year marketing career across various industries.

Strategic marketing is often misunderstood and underutilised by boardroom executives and owner-managers. Additionally, the marketing industry as a whole tends to over-promise and under-deliver for SMEs, leading to many businesses stalling or failing. It is with these observations in mind that VCMO will seek to revolutionise the marketing landscape, building VCMO into the world’s most trusted marketing brand.

The launch of VCMO comes at a time when business leaders are seeking more innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to navigate an increasingly complex business landscape. VCMO offers a unique value proposition through its entirely virtualised business model. Operating without physical offices or payroll, VCMO consists of a network of hand-picked Virtual Chief Marketing Officers (VCMOs) and carefully selected innovative delivery partners who specialise in solving marketing problems. By maintaining minimal operating costs, VCMO can provide exceptional value for businesses in need of marketing support.

VCMO will initially offer two core service offerings upon its launch – Audit and Hire.  The Audit service provides fixed-price solutions which help businesses gain clarity around their marketing inhibitors of growth.  The Hire service offers flexible solutions – Flex, Retain, Cover, and Mentor – allowing businesses to hire a VCMO when operating without a Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Director.

All services are designed to be delivered remotely, reducing environmental impact, but can also be provided on-site or in a combination of both, offering added flexibility. Additionally, VCMO plans to introduce “Learn,” a selection of CPD-accredited masterclasses, to its suite of services in 2024.

In an effort to provide value even before engagement, VCMO will offer a free online marketing audit for business leaders and owner-managers. This audit allows organisations to discover their Marketing Capability Score by evaluating performance across fourteen principal elements of marketing using VCMO’s proprietary ‘BANKSE’ framework (trademark pending). Once completed, participants receive a personalised report with guidance and recommendations. Additionally, every organisation completing the audit will be offered a free, no-obligation discovery workshop to discuss the results further.

Founder and CEO Paul Mills, explains his reasons for launching VCMO, stating, “There are many good businesses out there that fail to grow or simply fail altogether. While it is easy to blame ‘cash flow’ as the cause of business failure, the root cause is often linked to strategic marketing issues.”

Mills added, “Whether it’s an undifferentiated product or service, ineffective pricing, lack of bargaining power, ineffective communications, or a poor brand experience that drives customers away, there are many pitfalls. Sadly, many businesses have hired marketers or agencies to address these issues, only to be disappointed.  My mission with VCMO is clear: to transform business performance and revolutionise the marketing landscape.”

VCMO’s expansion plans include scaling its operations in the UK before venturing into Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific regions. The company is confident that its innovative virtualised model, combined with its network of skilled VCMOs and delivery partners, will bring transformative results to businesses worldwide.

For more information about VCMO and its services, please visit or contact Paul Mills at [email protected] or 0331 630 9395

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