Body of Missing Man Found on Mountain Two Years After Disappearance at Illegal Rave

The body of a 22-year-old man has been discovered on a mountain, two years after he disappeared at an illegal rave.

Julián Esteban Beltrán’s remains were found by a mountain climber, but it took local police six months to identify him.

The body was initially found in November, but it was only confirmed to be Beltrán’s last Monday (15th May).

Beltrán was last seen alive in January 2021 at a Three Kings celebration in Collbató, near Barcelona, Spain.

At the time of his disappearance, Beltrán, a Colombian national, had been living in the country for three years and had aspirations of opening his own barber shop.

During the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Julián attended an illegal rave in a chalet located in the mountain village.

According to Beltrán’s friends, he was not fond of alcohol or drugs but had been feeling down following a breakup.

Witnesses reported that he left the party after mentioning that the mountains were “calling him” because he believed he was the “chosen one”.

He was never seen alive again.

Concerns arose among his friends when he failed to post anything on his social media accounts in the days following the party.

Beltrán’s mother, Lilian Rivera, travelled from Colombia to Catalonia to assist the authorities after losing contact with her son.

The Catalan police conducted an investigation and determined that foul play was not involved in the young man’s death.

The organization SOS Desaparecidos, which focuses on missing persons cases, has since removed Beltrán’s profile from their website.

Family members of Julián Beltrán in Colombia have been notified that his body has been positively identified.

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