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Former UK PM Harold Wilson Had Affair While in No.10 – Advisers Reveal

Disclosed after nearly 50 years, the recent revelations about former UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s concealed affair while in office has shocked the nation. Wilson, who served as PM twice in the 1960s and 1970s, had a romantic relationship with his deputy press secretary, Janet Hewlett-Davies, as disclosed by two of his long-time advisers.

This news comes as a surprising revelation, shedding light on a previously hidden chapter of British political history.

How the Affair was Discovered

The affair came to light when Mr Haines spotted Ms Hewlett-Davies climbing the staircase to the prime minister’s room in Downing Street in 1974 during Wilson’s second term.

Some private moments and indirect confirmations shed light on the relationship between Harold Wilson and Janet Hewlett-Davies. Mr Haines made a gesture of moving rooms for Ms Hewlett-Davies at Chequers, where Wilson left his slippers under her bed, revealing a closeness between the two.

Lord Donoughue indirectly confirmed the affair in a conversation with Wilson, who expressed his happiness about the relationship.

Private moments, such as sharing walks around Number 10 and subtle acknowledgements of the close relationship, provided glimpses into the affair that had remained secret for decades.

While Wilson’s relationship with Marcia Williams was widely speculated, the revelation of his affair with Hewlett-Davies adds a new dimension to the personal life of the former Prime Minister.

Harold Wilson’s Condition During Premiership

Harold Wilson, during his time as Prime Minister, faced challenges with economic decline and industrial strife. Towards the end of his premiership, there were concerns about his mental health as he showed early signs of dementia, leading him to unexpectedly resign in 1976 due to declining mental powers.

Despite this, Wilson’s legacy includes significant achievements such as creating the Open University in 1969.

Reasons for Keeping the Affair Secret

During Harold Wilson’s time as Prime Minister, rumours circulated about his relationships with both Marcia Williams and Janet Hewlett-Davies.

Wilson and his advisers, Joe Haines and Lord Bernard Donoughue, decided to keep the affair with Hewlett-Davies secret for nearly 50 years. They feared that revealing it could be used against Wilson during his political career.

Only after Hewlett-Davies passed away did they decide to disclose the affair to ensure the accurate portrayal of Wilson’s premiership in history.

Decision to Reveal the Affair

Now, after nearly 50 years of secrecy, former Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s advisors, Joe Haines and Lord Bernard Donoughue, have decided to reveal his affair with his deputy press secretary, Janet Hewlett-Davies, during his time in No 10.

Despite knowing about the affair for decades, the advisors kept it hidden, as they feared it could be used against Mr. Wilson. However, with Ms. Hewlett-Davies’ passing last October, they felt it was time to ensure the full story of Mr. Wilson’s premiership was told.

Contributions to Historical Record

Historically, the revelation of Harold Wilson’s affair sheds new light on the personal life of the former Prime Minister, adding a layer of complexity to his public image.

Despite being seen as a towering figure in the Labour party and a political hero, these revelations showcase a more human side to Mr. Wilson.

The decision to disclose these intimate details after years of silence highlights the importance of transparency in recording historical figures’ legacies.

Political Achievements

Despite his controversial personal life, Harold Wilson made significant political achievements during his time as Prime Minister, serving two terms from 1964 to 1970 and 1974 to 1976.

Wilson’s administration saw the establishment of the Open University in 1969, a pioneering institution that continues to provide educational opportunities to people across the UK.

Personal Life and Death

Despite these controversies, Wilson remained a political figure of importance, Wilson passed away in 1995, leaving behind a legacy that is a mix of political achievements and personal scandals. Plus, it is vital to note that Wilson’s wife, Mary, stood by his side for 55 years until her passing in 2018 at the age of 102.

While Harold Wilson’s time in office was marred by claims of affairs and internal divides, his dedication to public service and contributions to education through initiatives like the Open University have left a lasting impact on British politics.

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