Gorsedh Kernow announces the Young People Awards winners 2023

Gorsedh Kernow is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s awards. The judges were delighted with the quality and sense of pride in Cornwall, its landscape, history, culture and people in this year’s submissions.  In particular they were delighted to receive an increased number of school submissions in particular from Madron, Mousehole, Trewirgie, Crowan, Luxulyan, Treloweth and Cusgarne primaries and Fowey Academy as well as music ensembles led by Cornwall Music Service Trust.

“It is always a pleasure to see how passionate young people are about Cornwall and its culture which they express with confidence and joy through music, language and art.  Bryntin!”  Pol Hodge, Grand Bard

The winners will join the adult award ceremony in Padstow on September 1st.

The winners are:

Yeth Kernewek – Cornish Language

KS1 – under 7

1st Prize Whole Class

Trewirgie Nursery and Infants: Cornish Phrase Book and Recordings

1st Prize Individual

Alana Tovey and Evie Shorten, Treloweth School: The Orangutan that Lost its Home

Joint Second Prize

Eloisa Naylor Trewirgie Infant School: Illustrated Cornish Phrase Book

Lexi Pascoe Trewirgie Infant School: An Illustrated Cornish Phrase Book of her favourite words

KS2 – 8-11

First Prize

Noor and Ula Tresidder Tonkin: Tales from an Argos – 3 illustrated stories


Noor and Ula Tresidder Tonkin

‘Yth eson ni ow mos dhe Helgh Ors’ – ‘We’re all going on a Bear Hunt’, Michael Rosen.  Film in Kernewek

Ilow Kernewek Cornish Music


1st Prize

Ash Class, Luxulyan School: Mitten Da


1st Prize

Schooner Class, Mousehole School: Hard Rock Cornish Miner with percussion

2nd Prize

Madron School: Fatla Genes


Crowan School: A Pen Bloth Lowen

Lugger Class, Mousehole School: Gorthugher Da

Playwest: St Piran’s Furry

Jemima Barnard, Cusgarne School: Cornwall My Home on the piano

KS3 12-18

1st Prize

Cornwall Youth Chamber Choir: Hungan



1st Prize

Madron School: The Giant who Stole Christmas



First Prize

Emmy Joyce, Cusgarne School: A Study of Choughs


1st Prize

Merryn Joyce; Cusgarne School: A Study of Carn Marth

1st Prize creative writing

Marissa Barnard, Cusgarne School: Marissa’s Cornwall



1st Prize

Beech Class, Luxulyan: Why I Love Cornwall


1St Prize Art and Design

Lara Moores, Luxulyan School: Nans Husys Game – a board game for Picrous Day set in Luxulyan

1st Prize Art

Isla Topps, Cusgarne School: Wheal drawn with Bamboo quill and liquid gall oak ink


Oak Class, Luxulyan School: Drawings of Treffry Viaduct

Anwen Knights: Wheal Coates Mine – a watercolour


1st Prize

Ebony Doney, Lily Love, Poppy Gill, Mae Pearce, Charley Stockley

Fowey River Academy: Lostwithiel Wall murals

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