63% of finance professionals more likely to stay in their job if they’ve built connections with colleagues

Research reveals connection in the workplace is the key to staff retention and wellbeing

New research has revealed financial services companies can improve staff wellbeing, productivity and retention by facilitating positive relationships in the office:

·       41% said that simply talking to a colleague helps improve productivity at work

·       For 40% working alongside a colleague in the office improves motivation

·       And 28% find working alongside a colleague in the office helps them deal with stress

63% of office workers in the financial sector were more likely to stay in their job if they’ve built connections with colleagues, new research by leading water dispenser brand BRITA VIVREAU has revealed.

83% of employees in the financial sector have considered changing jobs due to the impact of work on their mental health, with nearly half of those taking the plunge[2]. The research found almost a third (32%) of finance professionals said the culture in their workplace does not encourage wellbeing.

Working alongside a colleague has a positive impact on employees’ motivation and stress, this is particularly true for younger workers. 46% of Gen Z (18-24-year-olds) said working alongside somebody in the office improves their motivation, compared to 33% of 55-65-year-olds.

Having facilities in the office that encourage connections also has a significant impact. Nearly half (46%) of those who work in finance said that facilities to make hot and cold drinks with a water dispenser help to facilitate conversations in the office and 49% expressed that their productivity improved after taking a tea or coffee break.

Gethin Nadin, MBPsS Psychologist and UK Mental Health Campaigner of the Year 2023, explains:

“Improving wellbeing in the workplace is far more about the micro things you can do as an employer than the big-ticket things that might take years and years to implement. It’s tweaks to your policies, running surveys more frequently and looking at office design.

“Employers can create an environment that’s more conducive to the wellbeing of their employees by considering what the office can offer that homeworking can’t. Having social spaces and facilities where people can congregate and share ideas promotes casual encounters which are integral to wellbeing.”

Chris Dagenais, General Manager, BRITA VIVREAU UK, adds:

“It’s never been more important for businesses to maintain an engaged and loyal workforce. At BRITA VIVREAU, we want to help employers use their office spaces to create supportive, positive and productive workplace cultures – which ultimately contributes to staff retention.


“It might sound simple, but something as straightforward as installing a water dispenser to keep employees hydrated not only boosts creativity and productivity, but can also help your staff spark conversations and build the relationships that maintain good mental health in the workplace. BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers provide a sustainable solution for businesses of all sizes looking to offer staff high-quality workplace amenities.”


A third (33%) of office workers in the financial sector said they would feel valued by their employer if their workplace had a water dispenser with options for cold, sparkling and still filtered water. A much higher number than the 31% who would feel valued by their company if they were given free after-work drinks on a Friday.

However, the majority of offices don’t have hot and cold water dispensers, with only 13% of financial professionals reporting using a water dispenser with still, sparkling, and boiling water in the office.

BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers provide a sustainable and cost-effective way to provide still, sparkling or hot and cold water for any office environment. With an effective design that is sleek and elegant and can be installed anywhere in an office space – from communal areas, high foot traffic spaces, and everywhere in between.

Visit www.brita.co.uk/news-stories/dispenser/refill-your-cup to find out how to use your office spaces to create a supportive, positive and productive workplace culture.

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