New Cold Brew Iced Tea From Mariage Frères  

A staple for hot summer days, the French Summer Tea collection features over 20 blends of tea designed to be enjoyed cold. From green and black to red rooibos varieties, each carefully curated blend in the collection reflects Mariage Frères’ commitment to quality and attention to detail.  


The latest addition to the French Summer Tea collection, Sorbet Bleu is refreshment at its finest with notes of chilled lemon and red fruit ice cream. Boasting beautiful checkerboard blue packaging that brings a cool art deco style to your tablescape this summer, the Sorbet Bleu tea takes on a tranquil shade of indigo when infused, changing from deep green to an ocean inspired cobalt blue.


This thirst-quenching blend is a floral elixir that draws its flower power from hibiscus, with elegant notes of precious flowers including orchid, orange and cherry blossom. Stunning blue flowers blend into the composition, giving this sunny iced tea a fascinating shade that shimmers and evolves throughout the infusion.


Gentle and sweet yet intensely fruity, Pink Cactus features a curated blend of fresh red rooibos and real cactus morsels. Encased in a beautiful apothecary-style hand-blown glass bottle with flamboyant detailing, it’s sure to delight even the prickliest of connoisseurs.

Providing enough tea to keep you refreshed throughout the summer, each bottle contains 160g of loose-leaf tea, to yield up to 24 litres, and comes with Mariage Frères’ clever Filter-Envelopes™ to simplify the cold brewing process.

Simple preparation:

  1. Put 1 cap full (10g) of tea into an Enveloppe Filtre® (included with the tea)
  2. Close the filter by folding over the sides
  3. Leave the filter to infuse in 1 to 1.5 litres of spring water for at least 1 hour

Available online for nationwide delivery, or from Mariage Frères’ tea emporium in Covent Garden, each tea in the French Summer Tea collection costs £44 per bottle.

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