Games Design Students Revolutionize NHS Research with Immersive Animation Game

A group of talented games design students from Cornwall College University Centre has developed an immersive animation game in collaboration with the NHS Cornwall Intellectual Disability Equality (CIDER) Research group.

Studying the Games Design for Industry degree, these innovative students have embarked on a special mission to create a digital experience tailored specifically for CIDER, aiming to transform the way intellectual disability and neurodevelopmental research is conducted while enhancing patient engagement within the NHS project.

The students enthusiastically embraced the challenge, working closely with medical professionals to ensure the animation and game met the rigorous standards of medical terminology and NHS requirements.

The doctors, who commissioned the project, were highly impressed with the outcome and expressed their gratitude by rewarding the learners with cutting-edge Quest 2 VR (Virtual Reality) kits.

Professor Rohit Shankar MBE, leading the project, expressed immense gratitude to the students for bringing their vision to life. He commented, “This animation and game will serve as an invaluable tool for industry professionals and patients participating in CIDER projects. We look forward to further collaboration with The Cornwall College Group to bring more ideas to fruition.”

The animation has already had a positive impact, being showcased multiple times during presentations by Professor Rohit to support research and enhance participant engagement.

Stephen Howard, the higher education programme manager for Games Design, expressed his excitement about the students’ performance. He said, “We are absolutely thrilled to receive such phenomenal feedback from the doctors. The overwhelmingly positive reaction we have received has been truly remarkable, and the students are delighted to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Furthermore, Stephen expressed sincere gratitude for the generous gift of VR kits presented by Professor Rohit Shankar on behalf of the NHS and CIDER. The VR kits will be utilized as part of the college’s courses and studies.

Doctors Richard Laugharne and Sarah Lennard, who supported the students throughout the process, commended the learners’ innovative creation, stating that it will “transform the landscape of CIDER’s mental disability research.”

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