TPC Forges Strategic Partnership with Your Partnerships

Truro and Penwith College Forges Strategic Partnership with Your Partnerships Network to Enhance Cornwall's Educational Landscape

Many exciting opportunities are on the horizon for education in Cornwall as Truro and Penwith College proudly announce a new strategic partnership with Your Partnerships Network. This collaboration aims to elevate educational opportunities in the region and meet the evolving needs of the local business community.

  • College forms unique partnership to enhance the educational landscape in Cornwall
  • New opportunity for students in Cornwall to get industry experience
  • Addressing Cornwall’s challenges in skills development, economic growth, and business community well-being

The partnership will strengthen the College’s connections with a diverse range of employers, providing students with valuable industry experience opportunities. By working closely with top employer partners in Cornwall, the College will continue to develop high-quality training programmes tailored to meet the needs of employers and ensure that students receive a well-rounded education that aligns with the demands of local industries.

Your Partnerships Network, known for fostering partnerships and working relationships among businesses, will support Truro and Penwith College in expanding its network of employer partners in Cornwall. Together, the two entities will collaborate to address future skills needs in the region, enhance training programmes, and create pathways for student progression and work experience.

Commenting on the partnership: Hayley McKinstry, Director of Business Partnerships and Apprenticeships at Truro and Penwith College:

“In joining forces with Your Partnerships Network, we celebrate a shared commitment to the young people of Cornwall. Our strategies align seamlessly, dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes for young individuals in the region. Together, we strive to provide unparalleled work experience opportunities, ensuring that the next generation receives the exposure and skills needed to thrive across various industries. This collaboration is a testament to our joint pursuit of empowering Cornwall’s young people, fostering growth, and collectively shaping a brighter future for all.”

David Brock, Managing Director of Your Partnerships Network also said:

“Your Partnerships Ltd. is very proud to partner with Truro & Penwith College in a strategic relationship that will ensure the youth of Cornwall are exposed to the amazing businesses and entrepreneur mindsets of our dynamic members. This will ensure to shape the future of Cornwall and expose the young minds into the possibilities of opportunities that are on offer in the county. Your Partnerships Ltd. knows this partnership will not only strengthen the business to business network in Cornwall but also open doors to many of our businesses across the UK to work with Truro & Penwith College on special projects.”

The overarching goal of this partnership is to make a positive and lasting impact on the prosperity of Cornwall by focusing on skills development, economic growth, and the well-being of the business community. Through joint initiatives and outreach programmes, Truro and Penwith College and Your Partnerships Network aim to foster greater engagement, collaboration, and support from employers, creating a robust and cohesive educational ecosystem.

Central to the partnership is the emphasis on enhancing employability by aligning educational programmes with the requirements of local industries. Increasing work experience placements will provide students with hands-on experience and networking opportunities across various sectors, preparing them for the modern workforce.

Besides student-focused initiatives, the partnership will also invest in the continuous professional development of teaching staff. By offering workshops, training sessions, and strengthening industry links, educators at the College will be empowered to excel in their roles and provide students with industry-relevant education.

As this strategic partnership unfolds, there will be ongoing progress updates and collaborative events to ensure its success in enhancing Cornwall’s educational landscape and creating a brighter future for all.

Employers that would like to know more about working in partnership with Truro and Penwith College to engage with, support and shape their future workforce are encouraged to visit to register their interest.

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