Study Reveals Top 35 Ways Over 70s Stay Young, Including Healthy Eating and Daily Laughter

A recent study of 1,000 individuals over the age of 70 has unveiled the top 35 ways they stay young at heart. The findings challenge age stereotypes and highlight the active and vibrant lifestyles of this age group. According to the research, nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of participants feel years younger than their actual age and engage in various activities to maintain their youthful spirit.

The study, commissioned by Vitabiotics Wellman 70+ and Wellwoman 70+ vitamins, found that a diverse diet, daily laughter, and an active sex life are among the habits that help older adults feel youthful. Socializing with friends, adhering to a skincare routine, and keeping up with new technology were also mentioned as factors that contribute to their sense of youthfulness.

Interestingly, 16 percent of respondents emphasized the importance of spending time with younger individuals, while nine percent noted their enthusiasm for staying up-to-date with new music. Additionally, one in 20 participants admitted to indulging in the playful act of gliding around on supermarket trollies whenever they get the opportunity.

The survey results challenge traditional notions of old age, with 75 percent of respondents stating that the old age stereotype no longer applies to their age group. Many believe that age is just a number and that staying active and healthy enables them to continue enjoying life to the fullest.

The study also explored participants’ perceptions of aging. While respondents believed that individuals were considered old at the age of 53 years and four months during their childhood, they now perceive old age to start at 78. Additionally, 76 percent of those surveyed believe that people are reaching old age much later compared to previous generations.

The research showed that individuals over 70 tend to feel more physically aged than mentally, with 14 percent feeling up to 20 years younger than their actual age. Moreover, 23 percent believe that their grandchildren do not perceive them as old, and 29 percent claim that their younger counterparts view them as knowledgeable about current trends.

A spokesperson for Vitabiotics Wellman 70+ and Wellwoman 70+ vitamins emphasized that maintaining a youthful mindset is essential. By staying physically and mentally active, taking care of overall health, and embracing humility, individuals can delay the feeling of being old for years or even decades.

The top 35 ways over 70s stay young, as identified in the study, include eating well, engaging in mental activities such as sudoku and crosswords, laughing daily, socializing with friends, dressing as they please, staying updated on the interests of younger generations, ensuring sufficient sleep, indulging in occasional treats, keeping up with technology, spending time with younger family members, taking vitamin supplements, staying active through exercise, following a skincare routine, exploring new TV shows, walking, staying culturally engaged, maintaining an active sex life, and participating in various forms of playfulness and leisure activities.

These findings highlight the vitality and zest for life exhibited by individuals over 70, challenging age-related stereotypes and encouraging others to embrace a youthful mindset.

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