Revealed: The Highest-Earning YouTube Creator From Every European Country

  • A new study on YouTube looked at the accounts of YouTube content creators from every European country with the most subscribers and their earnings. 
  • The study analysed 40 European countries to reveal the most popular YouTube content creator from each country.  

Research has revealed the highest-earning creators on YouTube from every European country. 

The study by online casino review site analysed the subscription volume of every European country’s top content creator on YouTube and their estimated earnings by channel to arrive at the most popular from each country and their earnings. 

Sweden’s Felix Kjellberg popularly known as PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTube creator from the country and one of the most followed YouTubers in the world, with 111 million subscribers on his channel. His content features his recent experience with Japanese culture, and is popularly known for his video gaming commentary acts. He is estimated to rake in $65 million for his channel and can attract $13,743 on average for every video. His total views sit at 29 billion.

From Belarus, A4 ranks as the most subscribed YouTube content creator from his country, boasting 44.8 million subscribers. The Russian-speaking creator, also known as Vladislav Bumaga, released his first video in 2014. He is estimated to earn $45 million for his channel and can take $60,029 on average for every video The 26-year-old has raked in 21 billion views for his comic experimental sketches. 

From Spain Mikecrack, (Miguel Bernal Montes) is the most popular YouTube content creator from his country with 37.3 million subscribers. He is known for his gaming content featuring anime characters in action gaming scenes. Mikecrack currently has 15 billion views in total on YouTube and is estimated to earn $33 million for his channel. His average earnings per video is $17,986.

Ireland boasts of Jacksepticeye (Seán William McLoughlin) as the most followed content creator from his country, having 29.3 million YouTube subscribers. His content creation theme sits around video gaming broadcasts, spine-chilling storylines and TikTok reactions. Seán William McLoughlin, as he is originally known, has raked in 16 billion views on the platform so far. The YouTube star’s estimated earnings sum up to $33 million, and can earn on average $6,424 per video.

The UK‘s most subscribed YouTube content creator is DanTDM (Daniel Robert Middleton), with 26.8 million subscribers. DanTDM’s YouTube video game commentaries have been viewed 19 billion times. His commentaries on Minecraft, Roblox, Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog. He is projected to earn $38 million from his channel and, on average $10,481 per video.

The most subscribed YouTube content creator from Ukraine is SlivkiShow, with 20.2 million subscribers. The show, created by Yuriy Shevchenko, stars a cat, a hamster, a praying mantis, and a cockroach involved in life hack demonstrations and other entertaining and educational videos. He is projected to earn $23,253 per video and has brought in 4.5 billion views since his first video in 2012. 

A spokesperson for commented: “The popularity of content creators on YouTube has always been prominent, and these findings feature an interesting insight into the most popular YouTube content creators from each European country.  

“YouTube content creators have become an important part of the entertainment industry, as they have the power to influence trends and promote new products.” 

The study was conducted by, an online site that provides the best UK casino reviews and ratings.  

Europe’s YouTube Creator Rich List 2023

Country YouTube Creator No. of YouTube Subscribers Average Earnings Per Video Total Estimated Earnings  
Sweden PewDiePie 111,590,000 $13,743 $65,000,000 
Belarus A4 45,140,000  $60,029 $45,000,000 
Spain Mikecrack 37,540,000 $17,986 $33,000,000 
Ireland Jacksepticeye 29,450,000  $6,424 $33,000,000 
United Kingdom DanTDM 26,800,000 $10,481 $38,000,000 
Ukraine SlivkiShow 20,340,000 $23,253  
Germany Tsuriki Show 20,000,000  $21,657 $57,000,000
Russia HiMan 181,700,000 $19,392 $7,000,000 
France SQUEEZIE 17,900,000  $13,254 $20,000,000 
Latvia dednahype 15,800,000 $20,839 $36,000,000 
Italy Davie504 12,700,000  $7,442 $6,000,000 
Norway SaraBeautyCorner  10,400,000 $21,442 $5,000,000 
Finland TheRelaxingEnd 9,060,000 $1,222 $5,000,000 
Netherlands scottsreality 9,000,000 $20,156 $28,000,000 
Denmark Crainer 7,830,000 $1,162 $5,000,000 
Austria Fabio Wibmer 7,450,000  $12,411 $3,000,000 

The Full List

Country YouTube Creator No. of YouTube Subscribers 
Sweden PewDiePie 111,000,000 
Belarus A4 44,800,000  
Spain Mikecrack 37,100,000 
Ireland Jacksepticeye 29,300,000  
United Kingdom DanTDM 26,800,000 
Ukraine SlivkiShow 20,200,000 
Germany Tsuriki Show 20,000,000  
Russia HiMan 18,700,000 
France SQUEEZIE 17,900,000  
Latvia dednahype 15,800,000 
Italy Davie504 12,700,000  
Norway SaraBeautyCorner  10,400,000 
Finland TheRelaxingEnd 9,060,000 
Netherlands scottsreality 8,119,999  
Denmark Crainer 7,830,000 
Austria Fabio Wibmer 7,450,000  
Belgium Bahauddin Dije  7,070,000  
Switzerland Dean Schneider  6,570,000  
Romania Bogdan’s Show 6,080,000 
Portugal SirKazzio 4,920,000 
Poland Blowek 4,910,000 
Slovenia TimKo Kid 4,610,000 
Bosnia & Herzegovina Omco  2,980,000  
Czech Republic Senya Toys 2,970,000 
Slovakia Peter PlutaX 2,960,000  
Malta Grandayy 2,910,000 
Moldova Marmok Live 2,770,000 
Republic of Serbia Baka Prase 2,240,000 
Croatia Doctor D.S. 2,140,000  
Hungary VamossART 2,130,000 
Bulgaria Bodil40 1,960,000  
Greece Make it Extreme 1,920,000 
Lithuania Lisa 1,570,000 
Albania thisisnoizy 1,480,000 
Luxembourg Clay Mixer – Heroes 1,090,000 
Iceland Sorelle Amore 1,040,000 
Republic of Montenegro AdnanBro 718,000 
Macedonia Project Better Self 431,000 
Andorra Antian Rose 137,000 

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