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Revolutionary Mental Wellness App “Mind Reset” Launches Corporate Program to Combat Workplace Burnout

Mind Reset, a cutting-edge mental wellness app, is proud to announce the launch of Mind Reset for Teams, a corporate program designed to help companies address employee burnout, stress, and mental health issues. Leveraging its unique eye-tracking technology and 2-minute daily sessions, Mind Reset for Teams offers an accessible and affordable solution to improve mental health, productivity, and overall well-being in the workplace.

Mind Reset for Teams provides a range of benefits for companies seeking to support their employees’ mental wellness. A recent pilot program at Wincanton company demonstrated a significant reduction in burnout, with the overall OLBI (Oldenburg Burnout Inventory) Exhaustion score decreasing from 58% to 36%, and the OLBI Disengagement score dropping from 34% to 21%.

Mind Reset for Teams includes a user-friendly dashboard for team leaders, allowing them to monitor anonymous usage statistics and track the app’s positive impact on employee well-being. The app also integrates a customizable calculator that enables employers to estimate the potential savings associated with reduced burnout and increased productivity.

The corporate program offers tiered pricing based on company size, with lower per-user rates for larger organizations. Mind Reset for Teams aims to make mental health support accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes, with subscription pricing starting as low as £1.99 per user per month for large companies.

Mind Reset’s groundbreaking therapeutic approach is based on over 20 years of research and development, culminating in a peer-reviewed article on the Split-second Unlearning method. The app helps users address the subconscious root causes of mental health issues, providing significant and long-lasting outcomes without the need for personal information or discussions of negative memories.

For more information about Mind Reset for Teams, visit the website or download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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