Mecca Bingo Sheffield

Mecca Bingo Sheffield

Mecca Bingo Sheffield offers a unique blend of classic charm and modern entertainment. Housed in an old cinema, the venue stands out with its distinctive architecture, making it hard to miss. Located near the city hub, it’s conveniently accessible by bus routes, the Sheffield Interchange, and Supertram stops, ensuring you can easily join the fun.

You’ll find a variety of games to suit your preferences, from traditional bingo to the latest electronic touchscreen technology. Daily specials, regular promotions, and fantastic prizes keep the excitement levels high. Plus, with a bar and diner serving good value food and beverages, a gaming area, and top quality facilities, Mecca Bingo Sheffield promises a memorable experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, Mecca Bingo Sheffield has something for everyone. Get ready to enjoy a night of exciting games, great food, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Overview of Mecca Bingo Sheffield

Mecca Bingo Sheffield, housed in a renovated cinema at 22 Langsett Road, Sheffield S6 2UB, combines classic architecture with modern entertainment. You’ll find the venue near the city hub, easily accessible by bus routes, trams, and the Sheffield Interchange.

Club Details and Offerings

Mecca Bingo Sheffield offers a wide range of games and facilities to ensure a comprehensive bingo experience.

Address:Flat Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 2BA (View on map)
Phone Number:01142 729448
Email:[email protected]
Social ProfilesFacebook and Twitter

Unique Features and Entertainment

Mecca Bingo Sheffield features a blend of classic and modern entertainment options:

  • Traditional Bingo: Play with physical tickets.
  • Electronic Bingo: Use the latest touchscreen technology.
  • Specials and Promotions: Enjoy daily specials and regular promotions.
  • Prizes: Win various exciting prizes.

The venue also includes a bar and diner serving food and beverages, a gaming area, a smoking shelter, cash machines, and disabled facilities. It offers something for everyone, ensuring a memorable experience.

Opt for morning, afternoon, or evening sessions based on your schedule, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere this venue offers. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, Mecca Bingo Sheffield promises an engaging and enjoyable visit.


Games: The club features 53 gaming machines offering diverse gaming experiences.

Bingo Options: Enjoy traditional bingo or modern electronic touchscreen bingo.

Community: Join a friendly bingo community with regular promotions and exciting prizes.

Live Entertainment: The club hosts live entertainment for a lively and engaging experience.

Food and Drinks: The diner serves tasty food and great value drinks.

  • Bar: Enjoy a variety of beverages.
  • Gaming Area: Engage in additional gaming options.
  • Smoking Shelter: Designated area for smoking.
  • Disabled Facilities: Accessible amenities for all guests.
  • Cash Machines: On-site ATMs for convenience.

Opening Hours

DayOpen Hours
Monday10am – 10pm
Tuesday10am – 10pm
Wednesday10am – 10pm
Thursday10am – 10pm
Friday10am – 10pm
Saturday9:30am – 10pm
Sunday12pm – 10pm

You can join Mecca Bingo Sheffield from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on weekdays (Monday to Friday). On Saturday, the venue opens at 9:30 AM and closes at 10:00 PM. Sundays have shorter hours, with doors opening at 12:00 PM and closing at 10:00 PM. The club offers morning, afternoon, and evening sessions to match various schedules and preferences.

For further details or queries, contact the club directly at 0114 272 9448.

Session Times

Mecca Bingo Sheffield opens daily for morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. The club operates at different times during the week to accommodate various schedules.


Session Prices

Morning sessions typically cost £3.50 to £6 during the week and £3.50 or £7 on Saturdays. Afternoon prices range from £2.50 to £9 during the week, with Sunday sessions costing £16. Evening sessions are priced between £15 and £20 for the main game at 7:00 PM, with earlier and later sessions priced at £3 to £4.

You can enjoy flexible and cost-effective bingo experiences every day at Mecca Bingo Sheffield.

Mecca Bingo Sheffield offers various sessions at different prices throughout the week. The club’s schedule includes morning, afternoon, and evening sessions.

Visiting Mecca Bingo Sheffield

Location and Accessibility

Mecca Bingo Sheffield is located at 22 Langsett Road, Sheffield S6 2UB. The venue is accessible by car and public transport. Walking from the Sheffield Interchange (main bus station) takes just a few minutes. The site has no parking facilities but nearby Supertram stops make visiting straightforward. This location, situated in an old cinema, stands out as a well-known landmark.

Amenities and Services

Mecca Bingo Sheffield offers a range of amenities and services to improve your gaming experience.

Food and Drink Options

Menu: Mecca Bingo Sheffield provides a diverse menu, featuring classics like chicken tikka curry, burgers, loaded fries, and several Harry Ramsden’s dishes.

Ordering: You can order food and drinks directly from your table or through the My Mecca app, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

Facilities and Private Hire

Facilities: The venue includes a gaming area with modern slot machines, a bar and diner, a smoking shelter, and cash machines. It also boasts disabled facilities for easy access.

Private Hire: Mecca Bingo Sheffield accommodates private events. If you’re planning a party or a special occasion, consider booking their space.

The My Mecca app also provides exclusive offers, deals, and a digital membership card for a more personalised experience.

Customer Experiences

Customer experiences at Mecca Bingo Sheffield highlight its appeal. Positive reviews praise the friendly service, value for money, and enjoyable atmosphere.

User Reviews and Ratings

Users have consistently rated Mecca Bingo Sheffield highly on various review platforms.

WebsiteKey Points
TripAdvisorUsers describe the venue as nicely decorated, comfortable, and offering good pricing, a varied food menu, and excellent customer service.
YelpThe venue, located at 22 Langsett Road, Sheffield S6 2UB, receives praise for its convenient location and contactable number 0114 285 4567 for direct inquiries.
TrustpilotA significant number of users, 2756 out of 2972, provided positive feedback about their experiences, reflecting customer satisfaction and a good time.

Reviews reflect a consensus on various aspects:

  • Service Quality: Multiple reviews mention friendly and helpful staff, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Venue Atmosphere: Many users appreciate the comfortable and nicely decorated environment, making it a pleasant place to spend time.
  • Value for Money: Guests often highlight the good pricing for bingo sessions, food, and drinks.

From these insights, Mecca Bingo Sheffield appears well-regarded for its services and atmosphere. These experiences make it a popular choice among bingo lovers.

Nearby Bingo Halls

Nearby Bingo Halls provide additional entertainment options close to Mecca Bingo Sheffield.

Buzz Bingo

Gala Bingo located at 1 Kilner Way, Sheffield S6 1NN offers a range of bingo games and slots. The venue is about 2.5 miles from Mecca Bingo Sheffield, providing an alternative location for lovers. Gala Bingo features modern facilities, promotional offers, and food and drink services.

Mecca Bingo (Flat Street)

Mecca Bingo (Flat Street) located at Flat Street, Sheffield S1 2BA is part of the same brand as Mecca Bingo Sheffield. The venue is centrally located, easily accessible, and within walking distance of other entertainment options. It offers similar amenities including a variety of bingo games, electronic bingo, and a fully stocked bar.


These nearby bingo halls offer a variety of games, promotional events, and modern amenities. The central locations ensure good accessibility making it convenient for visitors to explore different venues.


Whether you’re a seasoned bingo player or just looking for a fun night out Mecca Bingo Sheffield has has all the answers. With its top quality facilities and friendly atmosphere it’s no wonder it’s a favourite among locals. Plus with nearby options like Gala Bingo you can easily mix things up and try different venues. Both offer a great range of games and services ensuring you’ll have a fantastic time no matter where you go. So grab your bingo dabber and get ready for some exciting bingo action in Sheffield!

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