Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill offers a vibrant and spacious venue right in the heart of the town. Located at the bottom of the main High Street, this bingo hall is perfect for both seasoned players and newcomers. With seating for over 1100 members, it never feels cramped, ensuring you have plenty of room to enjoy the game.

You’ll find a café and bar, along with disabled facilities and a variety of fruit machines. For a modern twist, try the Mecca Max touchpad, which stores all your tickets and offers additional slot games. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or a casual day activity, Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill provides an engaging experience.

This article will guide you through the venue’s features, amenities, and what you can expect when you visit. From parking options to the unique gaming experience, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of why this bingo hall stands out.

Overview of Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill provides various bingo games and entertainment options. Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill ensures an engaging gaming experience, thanks to its friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff.

Key Features and Amenities

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill offers numerous features that improve your visit:

Guaranteed PrizesWeekly guaranteed prizes make each game exciting with big prize money.
Food and DrinkA menu with tasty classics like chicken tikka curry, burgers, and Harry Ramsden’s dishes, available through table service or the My Mecca App.
Pre-BookingYou can pre-book your bingo seats to secure a spot and avoid planning stress.
My Mecca AppThe app provides exclusive offers, digital membership cards, and access to the latest promotions.

Location and Access

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill, located on the high street of Brierley Hill near Dudley, provides easy access. The club offers ample parking facilities, ensuring convenience for visitors. The venue includes features that accommodate everyone, including disabled facilities, ensuring a comfortable experience for all.

Club Details

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill provides a variety of activities and amenities to its visitors. Located at 35-47 High Street, Brierley Hill, Dudley, this club serves as a local hotspot for both entertainment and social gatherings. The modern facilities and engaging environment make it a favourite among locals.

Facilities and Services

The following table outlines the key facilities and services available at Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill:

Bingo GamesOffers weekly guaranteed prizes, range of bingo games
Food and DrinksFeatures great value menu with chicken tikka curry, burgers, loaded fries
Live EntertainmentProvides live entertainment for socializing and leisure
SlotsIncludes slots for additional gaming options
Pre-BookingAllows pre-booking of bingo sessions to ensure a seat
My Mecca AppOffers exclusive deals, digital membership card, food and drink ordering, promotion access

Accessibility and Extras

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill ensures convenience and comfort for all its patrons.

  • Location: Situated right off the High Street with ample parking at the rear.
  • Accessibility: Disabled access, lifts, toilets, and hearing loop available.
  • Bar and Diner: Fully stocked bar and a diner serving lush food.
  • Age: Over 16 years old.
  • Popularity: Often packed during special events and promotions.
  • Contact: Full listing of times and prices available via email or phone contact.

Addressing issues like event cancellations or rescheduling involves some constraints. If cancellations occur, contact the responsible party for refunds. Tickets sold can’t be exchanged or refunded after purchase except under specific conditions set by the promoter or venue management. Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill maintains the right to alter programmes due to unforeseen events.

Opening Times

The Opening Times for Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill vary depending on the day of the week. Following are the specific times when you can visit:

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday10:45 AM11:00 PM
Tuesday10:45 AM11:00 PM
Wednesday10:45 AM11:00 PM
Thursday10:45 AM12:00 AM
Friday10:45 AM12:00 AM
Saturday10:00 AM12:00 AM

These times ensure ample opportunities throughout the week to participate in bingo games and other activities. Note that the venue remains open later on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for extended enjoyment.

Session Times

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill offers various sessions throughout the day.

Morning11:00 AM
Afternoon12:00 PM
Evening6:00 PM

Morning Sessions occur at 11:00 AM. You can start your day with a fun session and low prices from £2 to £4.

Afternoon Sessions occur at 12:00 PM. Prices for these sessions range from £10 to £12, providing a mid-day bingo experience.

Evening Sessions occur at 6:00 PM. Evening sessions can cost up to £20 on Fridays and Sundays, and up to £15 on other days, offering a higher-stakes atmosphere.

These sessions offer flexibility and suit various schedules, ensuring you have multiple opportunities to enjoy bingo at Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill.

Session Prices

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill offers varying session prices to fit different budgets and schedules. Morning sessions start at £2 and are the most affordable. Afternoon sessions range from £10 to £12. Evening sessions are the most expensive, costing up to £20 on Fridays and Sundays.

SessionTimePrice Range
Morning11:00 AM£2 – £4
Afternoon12:00 PM£10 – £12
Evening6:00 PM£12 – £20

Cheaper times to play occur in the morning and afternoon sessions. Evening sessions, especially on weekends, tend to be pricier. Sessions offer a good balance of affordability and enjoyment depending on your preference for time and cost.

Experience Review

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill offers a unique and engaging experience for bingo lovers in Brierley Hill, Dudley. The lively atmosphere, friendly staff, and combination of traditional and modern game setups make it a popular choice.

Gaming Environment

The venue combines traditional bingo with modern touchscreen technology for easy and enjoyable play. Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill features 57 gaming machines, offering a variety of options. The rapid calling of numbers, suitable for beginners, adds excitement to the gaming experience.

Traditional BingoClassic paper-based bingo games
Touchscreen BingoLatest technology for easy play
Gaming Machines57 machines with various gaming options
Rapid CallsQuick number calling, great for newbies

Food and Beverage Options

The large dining area offers a selection of food and drinks, enhancing the overall experience. Visitors can enjoy meals and beverages while gaming. The menu’s variety caters to different tastes and preferences, creating a comfortable and satisfying environment.

Dining AreaLarge space for eating and drinking
Food SelectionVarious meals available
Beverage OptionsDifferent drinks offered
Enhanced ExperienceFood and drink availability improves gaming vibe

Customer Insights

Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill offers a variety of activities, making it a popular spot for both bingo and entertainment lovers. The venue provides great value games with guaranteed prizes. Also, the My Mecca app enhances your experience with exclusive deals.

Reviews and Ratings

Employee reviews on Indeed highlight both positive and negative aspects. Positive feedback includes mentions of friendly, helpful staff who work hard. Negative feedback focuses on long, unsociable hours and occasional rude customers. The site also notes issues with maintenance and hygiene.

Customer reviews on TripAdvisor are generally positive. Visitors praise the staff’s friendliness and dedication.

  • Pre-book your bingo session. Securing a seat ahead of time reduces stress.
  • Explore the My Mecca app. Use it for exclusive deals, digital membership cards, and easy ordering of food and drinks.
  • Arrive early. Early arrival ensures you get settled comfortably and familiarise yourself with the venue’s layout.

Here’s an organised table summarising the key points:

AspectPositive FeedbackNegative Feedback
Employee ViewsFriendly, helpful staff, hard workingLong, unsociable hours, rude customers, maintenance issues
Customer ReviewsPraise for staff friendliness and dedicationGeneral satisfaction; specifics not detailed

This ensures a well-rounded understanding of what to expect when visiting Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill.

Bingo Halls Nearby

Several bingo halls exist near Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill. These venues provide various entertainment options and distinguished amenities.

Buzz Bingo DudleyTrindle Road, DudleyBingo, Slots, Live Events
Castle Bingo NeathWind Street, NeathBingo, Food & Drinks, Parking
Gala Bingo Wednesbury10 High Bullen, WednesburyBingo, Slots, Promotions

Buzz Bingo Dudley offers diverse bingo games, modern slot machines, and live entertainment. The large facility provides ample seating and a vibrant atmosphere.

Castle Bingo Neath includes a well-equipped bingo hall with a restaurant serving various foods and drinks. The venue provides sufficient parking spaces for convenience.

Gala Bingo Wednesbury presents multiple bingo sessions daily, a wide range of slot machines, and regular promotions. The location is easily accessible by public transport.

These nearby bingo halls offer various experiences, ensuring an enjoyable visit regardless of preferred activities.


Whether you’re a seasoned bingo player or a newbie looking for a fun night out Mecca Bingo Brierley Hill has something for everyone. The My Mecca App is a handy tool for grabbing those exclusive deals and making your visit even more enjoyable.

Don’t forget the nearby options like Buzz Bingo Dudley Castle Bingo Neath and Gala Bingo Wednesbury. Each venue offers its own unique mix of games and entertainment ensuring you’ll never run out of exciting options.

So why not gather your friends and make a night of it? Happy gaming!

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