Buzz Bingo Walsall

Buzz Bingo Walsall

Buzz Bingo Walsall offers a vibrant and modern bingo experience. Equipped with the latest technology, including touchpads for electronic bingo, it promises an engaging night out. You’ll find all the usual amenities like slot machines, a bar, a diner, and even a smoking area. The club ensures accessibility with disabled facilities and a cash machine on-site.

You can expect a variety of promotions each week, making every visit unique. Special events for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter add an extra layer of excitement. Staying updated is easy if you follow their Facebook page, where you can also participate in competitions and win freebies. Whether you’re a bingo enthusiast or a casual player, Buzz Bingo Walsall has something for everyone.

Overview of Buzz Bingo Walsall

Buzz Bingo Walsall offers a vibrant and modern bingo experience, integrating the latest technology, amenities like slot machines and a bar. The club caters to disabled facilities and provides a cash machine for accessibility.

What to Expect

Buzz Bingo Walsall features various bingo games and slots. You don’t need to book in advance; simply pop in and play. The club provides food and drinks for a comfortable experience. The Single Wallet feature lets you pay online and in the club using the same digital wallet. The diverse range of games includes:

TypeNumber of GamesTicket OptionsSpecial Features
Paper Tickets112 Bingo GamesExtra Large: 75 Tickets, Double XL: 150 TicketsSafe Cracker, Big Buzz Special, Party Time Special
Electronic Only14 Bingo GamesCommunity Jackpot Stamps

Location and Accessibility

Buzz Bingo Walsall is located at Midland Road, Jerome Retail Park, Walsall, WS1 3QB. The location ensures easy access by public transport and ample parking space for drivers. Accessibility features include ramps and disabled-friendly facilities to accommodate all visitors.

Club Details

Buzz Bingo Walsall offers a modern and engaging bingo experience. Located at Midland Road, Jerome Retail Park, Walsall, WS1 3QB, the club features the latest technology, slot machines and a bar.

Key Amenities

LocationEasily accessible at Walsall, Midland Road, Jerome Retail Park.
ActivitiesBingo and slots games available without advance booking.
FacilitiesDisabled-friendly facilities and a cash machine for convenience.
Food & DrinksAvailable for purchase within the club premises.
Payment OptionsSingle Wallet feature for seamless transactions.

Buzz Bingo Walsall’s central location at Jerome Retail Park makes it accessible. You can drive and park onsite for free or use public transport. Available buses include the 4, 37, 39, and 700 routes. The train station, a 5-minute walk away, also offers convenience with regular West Midland Trains services.

Bingo Games

You can play a variety of bingo games at Buzz Bingo Walsall. The club hosts multiple game sessions, each offering unique experiences.

Details of Game Sessions:

  • Morning Session: £1 for 20 games.
  • Afternoon Session: £2 for 20 games.
  • Evening Session: £3 for 30 games.

Each session provides more chances to win if you buy extra tickets.


The club ensures accessibility for all visitors. It offers ample parking, ramps and other disabled-friendly features.

Buzz Bingo Walsall remains a popular destination for local residents looking for leisure and entertainment without prior booking.

Opening Times

Buzz Bingo Walsall provides specific opening times throughout the week. Ensure you confirm with the club as times may change.

DayOpening TimeClosing Time

Buzz Bingo Walsall offers extended hours at weekends. On Fridays and Saturdays, the club remains open until 1:00am. This schedule allows visitors flexibility.

Check these opening times when planning your visit to Buzz Bingo Walsall.

Session Times

Buzz Bingo Walsall offers various session times. The club provides extended hours on specific days, enabling more flexible planning for visitors.

DayMorning MainAfternoon MainEvening Main
Monday12:00 pm1:00 pm7:30 pm
Tuesday12:00 pm1:00 pm7:30 pm
Wednesday12:00 pm1:00 pm7:30 pm
Thursday12:00 pm1:00 pm7:30 pm
Friday12:00 pm1:00 pm7:30 pm
Saturday12:00 pm1:30 pm7:30 pm
SundayN/A1:30 pm7:30 pm

Buzz Bingo Walsall offers consistent and flexible session times throughout the week. Ensure you check with the club before visiting, as session times are subject to change.

Session Prices

Buzz Bingo Walsall offers various bingo sessions at different prices. The pricing varies depending on the day and any promotional offers. Below is a table detailing the session times and prices for each day.

DaySession TimePrice
Wednesday11am – 12amCheck promotions
Thursday11am – 12amCheck promotions
Friday11am – 1amCheck promotions
Saturday10am – 1amCheck promotions

Note: Promotional sessions affect prices, so checking the promotions section or Facebook page is recommended. Promotions like “£10 on slots for £10 extra credit” may be available.

Buzz Bingo Walsall provides a variety of sessions for different preferences and budgets. For an exciting experience with excellent prizes, this is the place to be.

Facilities and Services

Buzz Bingo Walsall offers a range of modern facilities and services designed to improve your bingo experience.

Bingo Hall

The Bingo Hall features both paper and electronic main events, ensuring everyone enjoys the game in a spacious, modern setting.

Slots Room

The Slots Room boasts over 50 machines, providing diverse gaming options for slot lovers.

Bar and Cafe

The Bar and Cafe serves good value drinks and food, making it convenient to enjoy refreshments during your visit.


The club runs various Promotions like free bingo, free slots tournaments, discounted tickets, and exclusive offers such as Sunday Night Cash Match and Pizza, adding excitement to your experience.


Parking is free on-site, making it easy for you to bring your car without additional costs.

Public Transport

Public Transport options include nearby bus stops (routes 4, 37, 39, and 700) and a 5-minute walk from the train station, ensuring accessible travel options.

Services Table

Bingo HallModern, spacious, paper and electronic events
Slots RoomOver 50 slot machines
Bar and CafeGood value drinks and food
PromotionsFree bingo, free slots tournaments, discounted tickets
ParkingFree on-site parking
Public TransportNearby bus stops and 5-minute walk from the train station

Food and Beverages

The Bar serves a variety of drinks, and the Cafe offers food, including special promotions like Chicago Town Pizza. You can relax with a beverage or snack while enjoying your games.

Accessibility Features

Buzz Bingo Walsall ensures that everyone can easily access its offerings. The Location at Jerome Retail Park is centrally situated for convenience. The Train Station is just a 5-minute walk, connecting you to West Midland Trains for hassle-free travel.

Nearby Attractions and Accommodation


Buzz Bingo Walsall hosts events like the Million Dollar Men show. The show features performances, hot hunks, and bingo on September 14-15, 2024.


You can find various hotels and Airbnbs near Buzz Bingo Walsall. Skiddle provides a tool to compare the best deals for accommodations.

Bingo Halls Nearby

Buzz Bingo Walsall (subject) offers (predicate) an excellent bingo experience (object). Several bingo halls (subject) located nearby (predicate) provide additional gaming options (object).

Bingo HallLocationAccessibility
Buzz Bingo WalsallJerome Retail Park, WalsallFree parking, bus routes 4, 37, 39, and 700, 5-minute walk from the train station
Mecca Bingo WednesburyDudley St, Wednesbury WS10 7DRParking available, close to Wednesbury bus station
Gala Bingo WolverhamptonBentley Bridge, WolverhamptonFree parking, bus service accessible

Buzz Bingo Walsall sits (predicate) centrally (adverb) at Jerome Retail Park. Your arrival (subject) by public transport (predicate) involves (object) bus routes 4, 37, 39, and 700, or a short walk from Walsall Train Station. Mecca Bingo Wednesbury offers convenient parking and lies (predicate) close to Wednesbury bus station. Gala Bingo Wolverhampton also (predicate) provides accessible transport and free parking.

Accessibility features (subject) play (predicate) a key role (object) in your decision. Choose (predicate) a location (object) that meets (predicate) your travel needs.


Buzz Bingo Walsall offers a solid mix of bingo games, slot machines, and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s conveniently located with plenty of parking and public transport options. While ticket prices might be a bit steep for some, the friendly staff and proactive management make it a worthwhile visit.

If you’re planning a night out, you can also check out nearby attractions and accommodation options. Plus, with other bingo halls like Mecca Bingo Wednesbury and Gala Bingo Wolverhampton close by, you’ll have plenty of choices to suit your preferences and travel needs.

So, whether you’re a seasoned bingo player or just looking for a fun night out, Buzz Bingo Walsall has something for everyone.

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