ricky hatton and clare sweeney

Claire Sweeney and Ricky Hatton's Rumored Romance Revealed

Ricky Hatton and Claire Sweeney outside a pub in Hatton’s hometown of Hyde (Image: SplashNews.com)

Liverpool-born Coronation Street star Claire Sweeney and former boxer Ricky Hatton are the latest duo to grab headlines with their rumored romance, allegedly dating for weeks. The sparks are said to have ignited during rehearsals for ITV’s Dancing On Ice earlier this year, where they reportedly developed a strong and ‘electric chemistry’.

A source revealed that their relationship has been blossoming since March, with various romantic dates and outings becoming a norm for the couple. The most recent sighting captured the pair indulging in a pub crawl in Greater Manchester, where they were seen enjoying each other’s company and sharing intimate moments.

Ricky, known for his past relationships, is said to be ‘completely besotted’ with Claire. Despite their differing backgrounds, the duo seems to have found a connection that goes beyond superficial attraction. The romance appears to be progressing cautiously, with both parties being mindful of Claire’s priority – her son.

During their recent outings, including visits to Liverpool’s Hot Water Comedy Club and various pubs in Greater Manchester, the couple has been spotted looking cosy and affectionate. Ricky, a father to son Campbell, has had previous relationships with other prominent figures, including an ex-fiancee and several Playboy models.

Walton-born Claire, who has had her fair share of relationships in the past, including a significant one with Tony Hibbard and the father of her son Jaxon, seems to have found qualities in Ricky that resonate with her. In a recent podcast interview, she expressed her desire for a partner who can make her laugh and with whom she can truly connect.

The duo’s journey into the spotlight began during their participation in Dancing On Ice, where Ricky was the first celebrity to be eliminated, and Claire followed suit two weeks later. Despite their early exits from the show, their off-screen chemistry seems to have carried on beyond the rink.

Rumours about their romantic involvement started circulating after they were seen together on multiple occasions, sharing laughs and intimate moments. From nights out with friends in Greater Manchester to cozy evenings in Liverpool, Claire and Ricky seem to be enjoying each other’s company and exploring the dynamics of their newfound relationship.

While neither Claire nor Ricky has officially confirmed their relationship, the sightings and reports from various sources seem to hint at a blossoming romance. As they continue to navigate their private lives in the public eye, fans and onlookers will be eagerly watching to see how this rumoured romance between the soap star and former boxer unfolds.

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