Zara Faces Mockery over “Bourgeois” Toy Coffee Machine for Babies

Zara has become the subject of online ridicule following the release of an elaborate barista coffee machine, but with a twist—it’s actually a wooden toy designed for babies.

Priced at £39.99, the toy coffee set from Zara features utensils, a mug, and even six coffee pod-like “capsules” to add to the authenticity. While the setup is remarkably detailed, it has garnered a label of “bourgeois” on social media platforms after being spotted in stores.

Cameron Clark took to Twitter to express his amusement, stating, “Loving the suitably bourgeois nature of Zara Home’s baby range, where your toddler can learn the fundamentals of a flat white aged 2.” The post received over 40,000 likes, with numerous users sharing their thoughts on this rather unconventional toy.

James McKinven jokingly remarked, “I got my niece one of these. Essential learning.” Meanwhile, another user playfully mentioned the evolving expectations of children, saying, “At one point, we outsourced cocktail making to children. Now that we’ve deemed that socially unacceptable, the least a 5-year-old can do is learn to pull mommy her morning ristretto.”

Some users criticized the toy’s lack of vibrancy, with Patrick Keneally suggesting, “Sad beige parenting—at least give them a bright-colored plastic one!” Danielle Vermeer echoed this sentiment, stating, “Sad beige toys for sad beige children.”

Amidst the mockery, some defended the toy’s purpose. Catriona argued, “Essential training. How else are they supposed to earn their keep around the house if they can’t make mama a decent coffee?!” Anita Rane agreed, emphasizing the importance of teaching practical skills to children.

Others saw the toy as a playful introduction to potential future careers. One user quipped, “Preparing them for their barista careers,” while another joked, “Someone please get this for my child; I want to train him as my own personal Starbucks barista.”

The Zara baby toy collection also includes toy dishwashers, tea sets, toasters, and cleaning sets—perfect for nurturing little ones’ barista aspirations and their future cleaning skills, reminiscent of cleaning guru Mrs. Hinch.

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