Sailing Trust Treats 80 Children to a Day of Superyachts and Swash-Buckling Fun

The Royal Cornwall Yacht Club (RCYC) Sailing Trust brought joy to the faces of local children from various charities with their pirate-themed “Get on Board” day on the water. Against the picturesque backdrop of Falmouth Harbour, eleven magnificent sailing yachts added grandeur to the event as approximately 80 young individuals enjoyed a trip aboard the leisure boat “Princessa” to witness the launch of the prestigious superyacht race, the Richard Mille Cup, in Falmouth Bay.

“It makes me want to get back out and do it all again tomorrow!” exclaimed Ollie, a 12-year-old participant.

Jack, 13, another attendee of the “Get Onboard” day, marveled at the impressive sails of the boats, noting, “They are huge! The power it takes to sail them is quite impressive.”

Amy, 11, enthusiastically shared her experience, saying, “Definitely makes you feel like you want to go out on the water, go and experience more things like that!”

After the sailing excursion, the Trust returned to Falmouth, where the children indulged in Cornish pasties and spent the afternoon at the National Maritime Museum. There, they raced remote-controlled sailboats and explored an engaging exhibition on pirates.

The majority of children supported by the Trust come from local charities and organizations dedicated to assisting underprivileged families and communities. Since its establishment in 2012, the Trust has provided several hundred children from various local schools and organizations with the opportunity to venture out onto the water on a variety of boats.

“These experiences have proven to be life-enhancing for many of the young participants, especially those who have never had the chance to be on the water or around boats before,” says Robin Taylor of the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club Sailing Trust.

The RCYC Sailing Trust’s “Get on Board” program aims to give young people the chance to explore a new environment on the water, fostering their confidence, capabilities, and personal growth. It offers them the opportunity to gain new experiences, face challenges, and develop skills that can enrich their lives as they continue their journey into adulthood.

The Royal Cornwall Yacht Club Sailing Trust has been selected as the official charity by the Port of Falmouth Sailing Association (POFSA).

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