Keeping your skin and the planet clean this Summer: 4 benefits of reusable face pads 

Eco-friendly reusable makeup remover pads (Pack of 4), £8 at 

Busy lives increase our desire for more convenient options – it’s human nature. Makeup wipes being the perfect example, instead of spending additional time washing your face with water, we often reach for a wipe to speed up the process. However, makeup wipes and cotton pads take much longer to breakdown in landfills. Even though cotton pads might appear eco-friendly the truth is that the bleaching and mixing processes involved in making them means they are not as biodegradable as you may think. 

Nonetheless, reusable, eco-friendly makeup pads are a fantastic alternative to these – not to mention they are an easy way to do your bit for the environment as part of your everyday routine. Yas Batchelor, owner and founder of Urban Green Company is on a mission to turn the tide on global plastic with beautifully handmade, zero-waste, sustainable alternatives that inspires the UK to reuse, recycle and reduce waste in easy ways. 

Here Yas talks about the key benefits in investing in reusable makeup remover pads to help keep your skin and the planet clean this Summer: 


You may hesitate spending £8 on a pack of 4 reusable makeup pads compared to spending £3 for a pack of 50, however, you must look at the bigger picture. Let’s run some numbers: let’s say you were to buy a pack of 50 cotton pads for £3.50, you’d usually make this purchase around 7 times a year – one cotton pad for every day of the year which would cost you £24.50 in total. 

Alternatively, you could spend £16 on a pack of 8 reusable pads which would easily last you a year. In total that’s almost £10 less expenditure, not even counting the hundreds of cotton pads that won’t be dumped into a landfill. It’s a win win. 

Environmentally friendly 

You’d be horrified if you found out the amount of chemicals, especially pesticides, water consumption and destruction of land that is required to grow cotton. If you think about it, damaging the environment for just a simple use like removing makeup seems silly. Not to mention, disposal cotton pads tend to come packaged in single-use plastic, which is a whole other issue.  

Amazing for your skin 

Reusable makeup pads really do work wonders on the skin. Created from luxury organic bamboo and 100% cotton fabric, the heavenly softness makes them excellent for all skin types and particularly for sensitive areas like the eyes. Disposable face wipes can cause blocked pores or skin irritation due to chemicals within, however, reusable pads are less abrasive on the skin. Plus, they are so absorbent that they’ll even remove waterproof mascara! 

Easy use and maintenance 

Disposable wipes and cotton pads are super convenient. However, convenience comes at a high price for the environment. Reusing really doesn’t need to be a chore, each reusable pad lasts up to 100 washes and comes out soft as new every time. Simply use and place in the washing machine ready for next time – it doesn’t get much simpler than that. Better yet, once you are ready to get rid, simply dispose of it in your compost bin as all the materials are natural and biodegradable. 

Other than the fact disposable wipes and cotton pads are both bad for the environment and expensive, choosing reusable over disposable and quality over quantity will help in doing your bit for the environment. Trust me on this, making the switch over to reusable makeup pads really will protect your skin, wallet and the planet! 

Try out our eco-friendly reusable makeup remover pads (Pack of 4), £8 at and take a look at other products that will help you reuse, reduce and recycle waste. 


Note to editor 

Eco-friendly reusable makeup remover pads (Pack of 4), £8 at 

Reusable face pads (£8) are perfect for making the switch from cotton pads to eco-friendly cleansing pads, ideal for removing makeup or applying toner. Many facial pads are made with synthetic fibres that can take several years to decompose. Chemicals from their production can pollute rivers, damage local wildlife and severely impact the world’s ecosystems. Urban Green Company’s facial pads are made with luxury organic bamboo velour (GOT certified) and 100% cotton fabric. To wash, simply throw them in the laundry and leave them out to dry. They last for one year and can be composted. All pads are made to order and cut by hand by Urban Green. 

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