Devon and Cornwall join forces for this year’s British Transplant Games  

Team Devon and Cornwall has joined forces to support the transplant community and raise essential awareness of organ donation.

This Summer (27-30 July 2023) thousands of transplant recipients, live donors, supporters and donor families will be coming together in Coventry for the Westfield Health British Transplant Games, the flagship event of Transplant Sport, and the biggest celebration of organ donation.  

Devon and Cornwall teams will be joining forces for the first time to help promote organ donation and compete in this year’s Games. Royal Devon University Hospitals NHS Trust has not been performing transplant operations for several years, with transplant patients either attending Bristol or Plymouth hospitals. Due to the smaller population in the South West (just over 2 million), and to have a bigger impact on the Games and raise essential awareness of organ donation in the region, hospital teams needed to join the Exeter and Plymouth team into a Devon and Cornwall Transplant Team. 

For the athletes, it meant that there was potential to meet other transplant recipients across the region during the year for their support network, but also gave the opportunity to practice some of their sports together before the Games. The Devon and Cornwall Transplant Team has competitors from as far afield as Helston in the West to Torbay in South Devon. 

Coventry will be the second biggest Games in its 45-year history, with over 2,500 people taking part, and from this, an incredible 786 people will be attending for the first time.  

John Wollington, Devon and Cornwall Team Manager, says “It is an exciting time for the transplant recipients in Devon and Cornwall, following the last few years. We’ve been hosting many promotional events across the region as well as social events. 

“Moving forward we will explore the opportunity to encourage members from other teams who live in the region to get in touch if they want to attend the social events and gatherings for the transplant community in the area.”   

For more information on the Westfield Health British Transplant Games 2023, visit:  

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