Mecca Bingo Scarborough

Mecca Bingo Scarborough

Mecca Bingo Scarborough offers a unique blend of history and entertainment right in the heart of this charming seaside town. Nestled just a few hundred metres from the seafront, this bingo hall occupies a Grade II listed building that dates back to 1929, originally known as the Capitol Theatre. With a capacity for over 1,000 players and a range of modern facilities, it’s no wonder this venue has retained its popularity over the years.

You’ll find Mecca Bingo Scarborough ideally located near major bus routes and the local train station, making it easily accessible. The venue boasts seating for 1,200 patrons, 60 e-bingo terminals, and various slot machines to keep you entertained during breaks. Whether you’re a seasoned bingo player or a newcomer, the professional team ensures a warm welcome and a fantastic experience. Enjoy hot and cold food from the bar and café, and take advantage of the disabled facilities and hearing loops available.

Overview of Mecca Bingo in Scarborough

Mecca Bingo in Scarborough offers an exciting and engaging experience for bingo lovers. The venue provides various bingo games and additional entertainment options, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for all visitors.

Location and Accessibility

Mecca Bingo in Scarborough, a city centre location, is easily accessible by public transport and on foot. The venue is near local amenities and attractions, making it convenient for combining bingo with other activities.

Historical Background

Mecca Bingo, established in 1961, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2021. The Scarborough venue itself is located in a historical Grade II listed building originally opened as the Capitol Theatre in 1929. The rich history adds to the unique charm of the bingo hall, blending traditional architecture with modern facilities.

Club Details

Mecca Bingo Scarborough is located at Scarborough Capitol, Albermarle Crescent, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1XS. The club offers various activities and amenities including live entertainment, Bonkers Bingo, and National Game link-ups with up to £50,000 jackpots.

LocationScarborough Capitol, Albermarle Crescent, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1XS
Contact Information01723 365708
Bingo ScheduleMorning sessions from £2.50 to £4. Afternoon games range from £2 to £16. Evening mains at £16 to £21.
FacilitiesBar, café, slot machines, disabled facilities, hearing loops
CapacitySeats for up to 1,200 people
Special FeaturesHistoric Capitol Theatre building, multiple events, tasty food, amazing events

Contact the club at 01723 365708 for more information.

Opening Times

Mecca Bingo Scarborough operates with varied opening hours throughout the week. Refer to the table below for detailed information.

DayOpen Hours
Monday10:45am – 10:30pm
Tuesday11am – 10:30pm
Wednesday11am – 10:30pm
Thursday11am – 10:30pm
Friday11am – 10:30pm
Saturday9:45am – 10:30pm
Sunday12pm – 10:30pm

Opening hours vary slightly depending on the source. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, contact Mecca Bingo Scarborough directly.

Session Times

Mecca Bingo Scarborough operates specific session times each day. You can refer to the following table for detailed information.

DayOpening TimeClosing TimeMorning SessionAfternoon SessionEvening Session
Monday10:00 AM10:30 PM11:00 AM12:00 PM6:20 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM10:30 PMN/A12:00 PM6:20 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM10:30 PMN/A12:00 PM6:20 PM
Thursday10:00 AM10:30 PMN/A12:00 PM6:20 PM
Friday10:00 AM10:30 PMN/A12:00 PM6:20 PM
Saturday9:45 AM10:30 PM10:10 AM12:00 PM6:20 PM
Sunday12:00 PM10:30 PMN/A1:00 PM6:20 PM

Using this table, you can see when Mecca Bingo Scarborough opens and closes each day, and the session timings for mornings, afternoons, and evenings. If you need the most accurate information, contact Mecca Bingo Scarborough at 01723 365708.

Session Prices

Mecca Bingo Scarborough offers various session prices suitable for different budgets. Session prices depend on the time and type of event.

Session TypePrice Range
Morning Sessions£2.50 – £4
Afternoon Sessions£2 – £16
Main Event Sessions£15 – £21
Evening Sessions£16 – £21
General Sessions£2 – £21

Morning sessions cost £2.50 to £4 each. Afternoon games vary between £2 and £16, with main events priced at £15 to £16. Evening mains cost £16 from Monday to Thursday, £16 on Saturday, and £21 on Friday and Sunday. General session prices range from £2 to £21.

It’s always best to check the official Mecca Bingo website or visit the club for the most current pricing information, as prices may change.

Inside Mecca Bingo: Features and Amenities

Mecca Bingo Scarborough provides a variety of entertainment and dining options, ensuring visitors have an enjoyable experience.

Gaming Options

Bingo Games: Mecca offers traditional and electronic bingo, along with live entertainment and National Game link-ups. Jackpots can reach up to £50,000. Sessions vary in price from £2.50 (morning) to £21 (evening).

Slots: You’ll find a range of slot games with the latest and most popular titles. Big jackpot machines add to the excitement.

Dining and Bars

Food and Drink: The menu includes classics like chicken tikka curry, burgers, loaded fries, and Harry Ramsden’s fish and chips. You can place orders directly from your table via the My Mecca App.

Pre-Booking: You can pre-book your bingo sessions and have food and drinks delivered to your table. This convenience ensures you enjoy your favourite meals while participating in the games.

Dining OptionDetails
Menu ItemsChicken Tikka Curry, Burgers, Loaded Fries, Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chips
OrderingTable Service, My Mecca App
Pre-BookingPre-book Bingo Sessions, Table Delivery

Planning Your Visit

Mecca Bingo Scarborough offers an engaging and entertaining experience. Optimise your visit by following the guidelines below.

Booking Your Bingo Session

Pre-booking your Bingo session ensures a seat and reduces stress. The My Mecca App simplifies the process by allowing you to pre-book, order food and drinks, and stay updated on promotions.

Best Times to Visit

Visiting during regular and special events enhances your experience. Mecca offers big prize money games weekly and special events like “Boots Down Bingo” and “Forbidden Nights”.

Age Restriction

Only players above the age of 18 are permitted to play at Mecca Bingo Scarborough. Be prepared to show valid ID for entry.

Reviews and Testimonials

Mecca Bingo Scarborough’s reviews reflect mixed experiences, based on various sources.

Customer Feedback

Skiddle Reviews: Customers on Skiddle report varied experiences. Some enjoyed a great night, while others found it disappointing, claiming it didn’t meet expectations.

Yelp Review: A Yelp reviewer describes the venue as “a little bit shabby looking”, yet praises the pleasant staff and the good value bar.

TripAdvisor Reviews: TripAdvisor rates Mecca Bingo Scarborough with an average score from 75 travellers. Visitors appreciate the friendly floor staff and the sense of community, though some have mixed feelings.

Media Mentions

Trustpilot: Although no specific reviews for Mecca Bingo Scarborough exist on Trustpilot, the website generally commends the site for its range of promotions and high-quality games.

The varied feedback highlights different aspects of the Mecca Bingo Scarborough experience, from friendly staff and a sense of community to occasional dissatisfaction with the venue’s appearance. For a comprehensive look, consider exploring reviews across multiple platforms.

Nearby Bingo Halls

Mecca Bingo in Scarborough has several nearby bingo halls that provide various entertainment options. Here’s a look at some of the notable venues:

  • Buzz Bingo: Operates in Scarborough and offers a mix of traditional and electronic bingo with modern facilities.
  • Clifton Bingo Club: Situated in Scarborough, provides a community feel with regular bingo sessions and social events.
  • New Majestic Bingo: Found in Bridlington, this hall offers a variety of bingo games along with slot machines and a snack bar.
  • Carlton Bingo: Another Scarborough venue, known for its friendly atmosphere and affordable prices.
  • Erimus Social Club: Located in Middlesbrough, this club hosts bingo nights along with other entertainment and social activities.


Whether you’re a seasoned bingo player or just looking for a fun night out Mecca Bingo Scarborough has something for everyone. With its mix of traditional and electronic games modern facilities and friendly staff you’re in for a good time.

Don’t forget to check out the nearby bingo halls in Scarborough and Bridlington if you’re up for exploring more options. Each venue has its own charm and unique offerings making the bingo scene in the area quite vibrant.

So grab your bingo dabber and get ready for an exciting experience that combines entertainment community and a bit of luck. Enjoy your visit!

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