Mecca Bingo Luton

Mecca Bingo Luton

You want to enjoy some quality bingo games in Luton. Mecca Bingo Luton offers a fresh, vibrant experience this guide will guide you through what to expect at this popular bingo club.

About Mecca Bingo Luton

Mecca Bingo Luton sits on Skimpot Road, Luton LU4 8EU. The club opens daily with varying session times.

Players can reach the venue by public transport like buses and trains. The Luton rail station connects to London and other parts of England. Several bus routes serve the club’s vicinity.


Mecca Bingo Luton sits in the heart of Luton. Situated on St Mary’s Road, the club boasts easy access from major roads like M1.

A vibrant and exciting bingo experience awaits at Mecca Bingo Luton. – Club Manager

Opening Times

Planning a visit to Mecca Bingo Luton calls for knowing exactly when to show up for the best bingo action. No one enjoys arriving too early or too late. The club’s opening times are your golden ticket to scheduling that perfect visit. Here’s a straightforward table to guide you through.

DayDoors OpenSession Start
Monday11:00 AM12:30 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM12:30 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM12:30 PM
Thursday11:00 AM12:30 PM
Friday11:00 AM12:30 PM
Saturday10:30 AM12:00 PM
Sunday12:00 PM1:30 PM

From personal experience, arriving a bit before the session begins gives you time to settle in, grab a drink, and even catch up with friends. It sets the stage for a relaxed and enjoyable game. Saturday mornings see an earlier start, perfect for early birds eager to kickstart their weekend with some fun. Sundays open later, allowing for a leisurely start to your day off.

Remember, each day offers a different vibe but the same quality experience. Mecca Bingo Luton ensures that whether you’re a morning person or prefer an afternoon start, there’s a session just right for you. So, pick a day, check the times, and get ready for some quality bingo action. It’s all about timing your visit for maximum enjoyment.

Session Prices

Let’s talk about how much it costs to play at Mecca Bingo Luton. The club offers a variety of sessions with different price points. It’s all about giving players a choice that fits their budget. Here’s a handy table that breaks it down for you:

MondayFree£1 – £5£5 – £10
TuesdayFree£1 – £5£5 – £15
WednesdayFree£1 – £5£5 – £10
ThursdayFree£1 – £5£5 – £10
FridayFree£1 – £5£5 – £15
SaturdayFree£1 – £5£5 – £20
SundayFree£1 – £5£5 – £10

Morning games are a steal because they’re free! This makes for a perfect start to your day. Afternoon sessions are easy on the wallet too, with prices ranging from £1 to £5. Evenings are where the action heats up, with prices going from £5 to a max of £20 on Saturdays.

My first-hand experience tells me that the evening sessions are where you feel the real buzz. Yes, it costs a bit more, but the vibe is just different. It’s more lively, more exciting. You’re not just playing bingo; you’re immersed in an experience.

Remember, these prices can change. It’s always a good idea to check the official website or give them a call before you head out. That way, you’re not caught off guard. This table is a guide to help you plan your visit to Mecca Bingo Luton, ensuring you have a great time without breaking the bank.

How to Get There

Getting to Mecca Bingo Luton is easy. The venue is conveniently located at 2 Guildford Street, Luton LU1 2PA. Public transport options include buses and trains. Luton Railway Station is just a five-minute walk away, with frequent services from London and other major towns.

Several bus routes stop near the club, allowing straightforward access from surrounding areas.

For drivers, Mecca Bingo Luton offers ample parking spaces on-site. From the M1 motorway, take Junction 10 and follow signs towards Luton Town Centre. The club’s central location makes it accessible for bingo players across Luton and the neighbouring regions.

Public Transport

Mecca Bingo Luton lies near bus stops serviced by routes 25, 28, and 29. Players take these buses from Luton town centre. The venue has parking spots too.

Luton Train Station connects the club. It’s just over a mile away. Players may stroll or catch a cab from the station. Luton Airport provides rail links for players arriving by air.

Contact Information

You can find Mecca Bingo Luton’s contact information on their website and social media accounts. Their customer service team is available to assist you via phone, email, or live chat.

Social Media

  • Facebook: @MeccaBingoLuton
  • Twitter: @MeccaBingoLuton
  • Instagram: @meccabingoluton

Mecca Bingo connects people through fun experiences. – Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo Luton’s social media pages let players stay updated on the latest events, promotions, and games. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts share photos, videos, and announcements to engage the community.

Following these pages gives players access to exclusive discounts and opportunities to win prizes. The club’s social media presence fosters a vibrant online atmosphere where players can interact with each other and the staff.

Special Events

Special Events at Mecca Bingo Luton promise exciting evenings. Get ready for laughter-filled evenings with live entertainment acts like comedy shows and music performances. The lively social atmosphere creates a fun experience.

Mecca frequently organizes special events and promotions to keep the fun fresh. Popular events include quiz nights, karaoke evenings, and themed party nights. Players can win fabulous prizes while enjoying drinks and snacks from the bar.

The venue also hosts charity events supporting local causes.

Restaurants and Bar Information

Mecca Bingo Luton offers an amazing bar and cafe to enhance your gaming experience. Grab tasty food and great value drinks before or after playing bingo. The sleek bar area creates a lively social atmosphere perfect for players.

You get to enjoy a modern bingo hall with contemporary design touches. The venue underwent a stylish refurbishment, making it feel fresh and vibrant. Audio-visuals received an upgrade too for an immersive gaming session.

While prize money may be lower than other clubs, players find evening bingo at Mecca Luton enjoyable overall.

Alternative Nearby Bingo Halls

Mecca Bingo in Luton stands out, but players seeking variety can explore other bingo clubs nearby. Gala Bingo Dunstable offers an electrifying atmosphere, just 7 miles away. Alternatively, Gala Bingo Watford provides a lively experience 17 miles from Luton.

For those preferring a classic vibe, Beacon Bingo Letchworth Garden City awaits 14 miles away.

I visited Beacon Bingo last month. The retro ambiance transported me back in time. Although smaller than Mecca, it boasted friendly staff and affordable prices. The £5 evening sessions offered amazing value.

I enjoyed the cozy setting and met delightful players. For a nostalgic bingo night, Beacon Bingo charms with its laid-back character.


I’m new to Mecca Bingo Luton. What should I expect?

As a fresh face, you’ll receive a warm welcome pack filled with goodies. They take responsible gambling seriously, so you’ll learn how to play responsibly right from the get-go. It’s all about having fun, after all!

What else can I do in Luton besides playing bingo?

Luton’s nightlife scene is buzzing! After your bingo sesh, why not check out the bars and clubs or try something quirky like axe throwing? If you’re feeling adventurous, join the ‘Serial Killers: The Blood and Tears Walk’ – just don’t lose your head!

Are there any unique experiences near Mecca Bingo Luton?

Absolutely! How about a target archery session to channel your inner Robin Hood? Or, for a more relaxing time, hop on a river cruise with a three-course riverside restaurant dining experience. You could even explore Oxford’s rich history with an official university and city tour.

I’m planning a party. Can Mecca Bingo Luton help?

Their party bookings team is ready to make your celebration one for the books. From arranging a haunted Amersham ghost guided tour to a private guided tour of Harry Potter locations. Just don’t let the food poisoning rumours ruin the fun!