Majestic Bingo Worcester

Majestic Bingo Worcester

Majestic Bingo Worcester offers a unique blend of entertainment and community spirit. Located on the outskirts of Worcester, this bingo hall provides a warm family feel and great value for money. Whether you’re a seasoned bingo player or a newcomer, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere and plenty of facilities to enjoy.

You’ll discover more about the history of Majestic Bingo Worcester, including its transformation from its previous incarnation. The club boasts ample parking, disabled facilities, fruit machines, a diner, and a licensed bar. You’ll also learn about its location near Elbury Park, making it a convenient spot for a fun night out. Jump into the details and see why Majestic Bingo Worcester stands out as a top choice for bingo lovers.

Overview of Majestic Bingo Worcester

Majestic Bingo Worcester offers an engaging and community-centric bingo experience in Worcester’s Brickfields. The venue provides a combination of great value, amenities, and an inclusive atmosphere.

Experience And Atmosphere

Employees describe the workplace as “extremely fun” with “great customer relations”. The team operates closely and supports each other. Customers find the experience enjoyable with a relaxed vibe, noting it as “less serious than cash bingo”. Staff contribute to this atmosphere with their unique calling styles.

Unique Features

Atmosphere at Majestic Bingo Worcester is both enjoyable and relaxed. The setting encourages a fun bingo experience. Besides, the venue offers:

Customer ServiceStaff deliver exceptional and friendly service.
Unique CallsEach staff member has a distinctive calling style.
Community SpiritThe venue fosters a sense of belonging among customers.

These elements make Majestic Bingo Worcester a preferred choice for a fun night out.

Club Details

Majestic Bingo Worcester offers a vibrant bingo experience. The club emphasises community engagement and entertainment.

Key Details

LocationWorcester, South England
AddressDerwent Close, Worcester, WR4 9TY
ContactTelephone: 01905 24863 Email: [email protected]
HistoryPurchased by Majestic Bingo in January 2014 from Seldis Cooper
OwnershipOwned by Real Fun Group since January 2024
FacilitiesDisabled facilities, car park, diner, licensed bar
GamesBingo, slot games, 4 Ball promotion

Majestic Bingo Worcester (subject) stands (predicate) in Worcester’s Brickfields (object). The club location (subject) offers (predicate) convenience and accessibility (object). The club (subject) features (predicate) ample parking and disabled facilities (object), ensuring (predicate) comfort for all patrons (object).

  • Community Events: The club (subject) frequently hosts (predicate) community events (object), promoting (predicate) social interaction (object).
  • Link Winners: Two ladies (subject) won (predicate) the 7pm link game (object) at this location.
  • Promotions: The 4 Ball promotion (subject) allows (predicate) you to win £250 instantly (object).
  • Amenities: Available amenities (subject) include (predicate) a diner, licensed bar, and fun slots (object).

Majestic Bingo Worcester (subject) maintains (predicate) a warm, family-friendly atmosphere (object). Early arrivals (subject) enjoy (predicate) special deals (object). For example, bacon bap and a hot drink (subject) cost (predicate) only 99p before 12 pm or 6 pm (object).

This vibrant bingo club (subject) is saved (predicate) by Real Fun Group (object), preserving (predicate) 15 local jobs (object), enabling (predicate) continued enjoyment for all (object). The online website (subject) enhances (predicate) your bingo experience (object) by offering (predicate) a variety of games and promotions (object).

Opening Times

The Majestic Bingo Worcester operates on a structured timetable. You can enjoy their bingo sessions at different times throughout the week. The opening hours cover various parts of the day, ensuring flexibility for patrons.

DayOpening Hours
Monday11:00 – 22:30
Tuesday11:00 – 22:30
Wednesday11:00 – 22:30
Thursday11:00 – 23:00
Friday5:00 – 23:00
Saturday10:30 – 1:00
Saturday (Morning)11:00 – 23:00
Sunday17:00 – 23:00

Note: These times may change, so it’s advisable to check for updates before visiting.

Majestic Bingo Worcester stands out for offering diverse session timings, accommodating both early birds and night owls. For example, on Saturdays, there’s a special morning session from 10:30 to 1:00, plus to their regular hours. This schedule ensures that there’s always a convenient time for you to play bingo, regardless of your daily routine.

Session Times

Majestic Bingo Worcester offers various bingo sessions throughout the week to fit different schedules. This section provides an overview of their operating hours and specific session times.

Weekly Operating Hours

Early Session7pm
Main Session7:30pm
Late Session9:20pm

Majestic Bingo Worcester conducts sessions, incorporating Early, Main, and Late sessions. Early sessions start at 7pm, the Main session begins at 7:30pm, and Late sessions kick off at 9:20pm. Specific times are subject to change, so confirm with the club before visiting.

Session Prices

Majestic Bingo Worcester offers various session prices throughout the week. Prices differ based on the day and time, with special rates and electronic game options.

Afternoon Main Sessions:

  • Monday and Thursday: £16
  • Saturday: £20

Evening Main Sessions:

  • Tuesday: £1
  • Monday: £2
  • Thursday: £5
  • Wednesday: £10
  • Friday: £15
  • Saturday: £16.50
  • Sunday: £20
  • Prices start from £7
Session TypeDayPrice
Afternoon MainMonday, Thursday£16
Evening MainTuesday£1
Electronic GamesAnyFrom £7

Majestic Bingo Worcester, located in the Warndon area, offers free parking and excellent public transport accessibility. For the latest updates, visit the official website.

Promotions in Majestic

Majestic Bingo Worcester offers diverse promotions for players, enhancing your bingo experience. Promotions include free bingo games, bingo bonuses, exclusive scratch cards, and boosted prizes.

Free Bingo Games: You enjoy free bingo games as a new or current player.

Bingo Bonus: You receive up to £20 in bingo bonuses for specific rooms. These rooms include the FAB50, Mocktail Party, and The Big Bingo Quiz.

Exclusive Scratch Card: You can win various prizes by scratching the exclusive Majestic Bingo Scratch card. Prizes include free spins, bingo bonuses, and £5 vouchers.

Boosted Prizes: Majestic Bingo boosts prizes for both online and offline players.

Promotion TypeDescription
Free Bingo GamesEnjoy free games as a new or current player
Bingo BonusReceive up to £20 in bonuses for specific rooms (FAB50, Mocktail Party, Big Quiz)
Exclusive Scratch CardWin free spins, bingo bonuses, and £5 vouchers
Boosted PrizesEnjoy boosted prizes both online and offline

These promotions aim to improve your engagement and enjoyment at Majestic Bingo Worcester, ensuring a rewarding gaming experience.

Location and Accessibility

Majestic Bingo Worcester offers a convenient and accessible location for bingo lovers. The venue is situated in the Warndon area, making it easily reachable.

How to Get There

You can find Majestic Bingo Worcester at Derwent Close, WR4 9TY, Worcester. If driving, follow directions to Warndon. Free parking is available on-site. Public transport users can take the number 35 bus, which stops on Langdale Drive, a short walk from the club.

Visitor Experiences

Majestic Bingo Worcester receives mixed reviews. Some visitors appreciate its amenities, while others note issues with customer service and withdrawals.

Trustpilot users give Majestic Bingo a 4.2-star rating. Positive reviews highlight helpful customer service, a variety of games, and satisfactory withdrawal experiences. But, some reviews mention issues with withdrawal processing times and poor overall experiences.

Employee reviews on Indeed suggest a less favourable work environment. Some staff members feel undervalued and believe their hard work isn’t recognised, with one review giving a 0/5-star rating.

Yelp reviews for Majestic Bingo Worcester lack clarity. No clear overall rating or summary is provided, indicating mixed visitor experiences.

Additional Amenities

Majestic Bingo Worcester offers several food and drink options to ensure a pleasant experience. The bar sells snacks and drinks from open until close. The diner provides a range of meals, including a bacon bap and a hot drink for only 99p if you arrive before 12 pm or 6 pm.

BarSells snacks and drinks throughout operational hours.
DinerOffers various meals, including a bacon bap and hot drink deal for 99p available early.

Accessibility Features

Majestic Bingo Worcester ensures accessibility for all its visitors. The club provides disabled facilities, a smoking shelter, and free parking. Public transportation is convenient, with the number 35 bus stopping nearby on Langdale Drive.

Disabled FacilitiesFully accessible for people with disabilities.
Smoking ShelterDesignated area for smokers.
Free ParkingAmple free parking on site.
Public TransportationThe number 35 bus stops nearby.

These amenities improve your overall experience, making Majestic Bingo Worcester a convenient and enjoyable destination.


Majestic Bingo Worcester offers a lively and inclusive environment for bingo lovers of all ages. With its unique calling styles and various session timings, there’s always something exciting happening. The club’s amenities and promotions add to the fun, making it a great spot for both regulars and newcomers.

If you’re looking for a bingo experience that combines convenience with a welcoming community, Majestic Bingo Worcester is definitely worth a visit. Plus, with other nearby bingo halls offering similar perks, you’ve got plenty of options to explore. So grab your bingo dabber and get ready for some exciting games and good times!

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