Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster

Club 3000 Bingo is bringing a new wave of excitement to Doncaster. After taking over the closure-threatened Mecca Bingo club, Club 3000 is set to open its doors on 5 April 2023. As the largest independent bingo club operator in the UK, with 23 venues nationwide, they’re thrilled to expand their footprint and welcome both new and returning customers.

Overview of Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster offers a premier bingo experience with friendly staff, substantial prizes, and multiple daily sessions. Located at 1c East Laith Gate, Doncaster, DN1 1JG, the venue provides quality food, licensed bars and is purpose-built for comfort and accessibility.

Location and Accessibility

The club is conveniently accessible by public transport. A bus stop is within 150 meters of the venue, and the nearest National Rail station is Doncaster. The venue has its own car park, free for all users. The car park is located at the rear of the venue and has a tarmac surface. Though there are no Blue Badge parking bays, the route from the car park to the entrance is accessible for wheelchair users with assistance.

Transport Options | Distance

Transport MethodDetails
Bus Stop150 meters from the venue
National RailDoncaster station, nearest to the venue
Car ParkFree, located at the rear, tarmac surface
Wheelchair AccessAccessible with assistance from car park

Daily Bingo Sessions

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster hosts multiple daily sessions ensuring continuous excitement. Each session offers big prize money and uses electronic aids like TED (The Electronic Dabber) and PET (Portable Electronic Ticket) to improve the bingo experience. These electronic tools must be used according to their instructions to ensure fair play. The decision of the Proprietor remains binding in case of equipment failure or discrepancies, ensuring the integrity of the game.

  • Frequency: Multiple sessions daily
  • Prize Money: Substantial amounts
  • Electronic Aids: TED, PET
  • Fair Play: Proprietor’s decision binding

This structure provides a clear and sharp overview of Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster, focusing on critical aspects like location, accessibility, and daily sessions.

Club Details

Location: Club 3000 Bingo operates Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster at 1c East Laith Gate, DN1 1JG. The venue offers convenient access through public transport and a nearby National Rail station.

Operating Hours: While specific hours aren’t listed, other Club 3000 Bingo locations typically operate Monday-Saturday from 11am to 11pm and Sunday from noon to 11pm. These times provide a rough guide to Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster’s likely schedule.

Features: Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster delivers a traditional mix of ‘Shout to Win’ and ‘Cash-in-hand’ payouts. Payout Record: £1.2 million single payout and £81 million annual average payouts.

Awards: Club 3000 Bingo holds the title for National Bingo Caller of the Year 2019.

Club Details Overview:

Address1c East Laith Gate, DN1 1JG
Operating HoursMon-Sat: 11am-11pm, Sun: 12pm-11pm (approx.)
FeaturesTraditional payouts, Record payouts, Annual average payouts
AwardsNational Bingo Caller of the Year 2019

Note: Mecca Doncaster has now closed, and Club 3000 Bingo now runs the venue. It offers a revitalised bingo experience with generous prizes, daily sessions, and licensed bars.

Opening Times

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster operates with the following hours:

DayOpening TimeClosing Time

These operating times ensure guests have ample opportunity to enjoy a variety of bingo games every day of the week. Saturdays offer extended hours, starting from 10am. This schedule helps provide flexibility for both early and late arrivals.

Session Times

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster offers sessions every day.

Session TypeDaysTime
AfternoonMonday-Sunday12:05 pm
EveningMonday-Sunday6:10 pm

These session times follow the standard Club 3000 Bingo schedule.

If you’re in Doncaster and love bingo, drop by Club 3000 and join the afternoon or evening fun.

Session Prices

For Session Prices at Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster, no specific rates are listed. Visit the club’s website or call directly for the most accurate and updated details.

Club 3000 Bingo charges participation fees based on the rate shown on the Charges to Play Notice. Payments activate the visual indicator light at your playing position.

Amenities and Facilities

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster enhances your gaming experience with various amenities and facilities. You’ll find everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

In-House Dining Options

Café/Bar: The venue offers a café/bar. You can order a variety of hot and cold meals and snacks.
Food Options: The menu includes main meals, light bites, and drinks. Examples include cheese rolls, roast potatoes, and chicken curry.
Drinks: The bar serves both hot and cold beverages.

Accessibility Features for Disabled Guests

Wheelchair Access: The venue is wheelchair-friendly, providing level access to the accessible toilet.
Space: Offers ample room for wheelchair users to manoeuvre.
Parking: A car park is available for patrons.

Wheelchair AccessLevel access to the toilet is provided.
SpaceAmple room for manoeuvring wheelchairs.
ParkingCar park available for patrons.

These facilities ensure that every guest, regardless of mobility level, enjoys their time at Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster.

Community and Events

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster engages the local community through regular events and themed nights.

Regular Events and Themed Nights

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster hosts a variety of events. These events contribute to a lively atmosphere and promote community engagement. Themed nights create a fun environment and encourage social interaction among patrons. You can find more details about specific events on their official website.

Community Contributions and Sponsorships

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster involves itself in local sponsorships and charitable activities. These initiatives foster a sense of community and social responsibility. By supporting local causes and engaging in charitable actions, the club strengthens its bond with the community.

  • Sponsorship of local events.
  • Engagement in charitable activities.
  • Promotion of social responsibility.

Customer Experience

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster offers a pleasant and engaging environment, backed by friendly staff and excellent facilities.

Staff and Service Quality

Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster staff deliver top quality service. Customers highlight the welcoming atmosphere and friendliness. Employees, including the Manchester location’s Michelle, ensure patrons feel valued and appreciated.

Patrons at Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster enjoy fantastic prize opportunities. The club provides substantial prize money at competitive rates, making bingo both exciting and accessible.

Nearby Bingo Halls

Explore other bingo venues near Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster to diversify your bingo experience. Here’s a list of some nearby options:

Venue NameLocationDistance from Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster
Mecca BingoFishergate, York40 miles (64 km)
Buzz BingoHill House Ln, Huddersfield35 miles (56 km)
Majestic BingoSkellow Rd, Carcroft6 miles (9 km)
Apollo BingoNorth St, Castleford20 miles (32 km)

Mecca Bingo, Fishergate, York

Mecca Bingo operates in York and offers a unique bingo experience. Located approximately 40 miles from Doncaster, it provides various bingo games and engaging social events.

Buzz Bingo, Huddersfield

At Buzz Bingo in Huddersfield, you enjoy a vibrant bingo environment. Situated about 35 miles from Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster, it features multiple bingo sessions, electronic gaming, and a café for refreshments.

Majestic Bingo, Carcroft

Majestic Bingo in Carcroft is the closest alternative bingo hall, just 6 miles from Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster. It offers traditional bingo games, electronic tickets, and periodic themed events.

Apollo Bingo, Castleford

Apollo Bingo in Castleford, located around 20 miles from Doncaster, provides diverse bingo sessions. The venue includes modern amenities, electronic bingo options, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Check each venue’s official website for details on session times, pricing, and special events.


Club 3000 Bingo Doncaster offers a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere with plenty of amenities to keep you entertained. Whether you’re a seasoned bingo player or just curious, it’s worth a visit. Plus, with other nearby bingo halls like Mecca Bingo in York and Buzz Bingo in Huddersfield, there are plenty of options to explore. Each venue has its own unique charm and events, so why not make a day of it and try a few? Don’t forget to check their websites for the latest session times and special events. Happy bingo-ing!

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