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News Archive > Sport > Monarchs Aim To Help Local American Football Take Off

Monarchs Aim To Help Local American Football Take Off

By Tom Howe 24th February 2021

Monarchs Aim To Help Local American Football Take Off
Jos Tector is hoping Cornwall Monarchs can hit the ground running this summer

General manager Jos Tector says Cornwall Monarchs have ‘never been in a better position’ and hopes they can translate that form onto the pitch this summer.

The 2021 National Leagues season is likely to look different to what people are used to due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic, with the British American Football Association (BAFA) putting a number of different scenarios in place based on the sport being able to restart at different points in the year.

The season for all formats is likely to start later than usual and run later into the autumn while there may also be less games, fewer teams at tournaments, and more regionalisation of competition to reduce travel.

Cornish Sharks were reformed as the Cornwall Monarchs for the 2020 season and, based at Newquay Sports Centre, are hoping to build on positive momentum off the pitch when they are permitted a return on it.

“The announcement that outdoor sports is going to be one of the first things to come back is good,” said Tector when speaking to the Voice. “We had loads and loads of interest but never had the inability to put that on the field. I am hoping that interest is still there and that nothing has waned.

“We are on course for a maybe a shortened season this year. BAFA have got plans in place and are liaising with the Government every week to work out when we are going to be returning. We are hoping it is going to be relatively soon but we are going to take it cautiously at our end because we have a duty of care to our players.

“Just for the sake of having football back, we are not going to go straight back into full contact training. Everyone is really keen and the team has been working out on their own. All the coaches have been putting the guys through it and uploading different training routines and schedules.

“We are getting better as a club and we have everyone bouncing off each other. It is making for quite a good team atmosphere. We are sitting quite comfortably and our players are really keen to do it and are enthusiastic. We are really lucky and I don’t think we could be in a better position. It is really tough and I can only imagine what it is like [for others].”

In conjunction with the Monarchs, organisers of the famous Schmyder Weekender will host the inaugural Beach Bowl at Watergate Bay this summer (see below), with Cornwall’s representative team hoping it is the start of a new legacy in the area.

“We are going to use the flag football tournament to gain a bit more traction and recruitment for 2022,” continued Tector. “There are lots of teams in the UK that do actually use flag football as an introduction for people who want to understand the sport and see if they like it without having the contact element.

“We will probably run our regular adults team for 2021, keep it nice and simple and do our bread and butter. After the tournament, if there are rookies who are interested in setting up a flag team then let’s do that as well. Why not have both?

“It will give people the ability to play a season of flag football and then, if they want to try full contact they can give it a go. It is great for youth players, for kids that are still at school and developing that young fan base and feeder for youth. It makes sense to build off the back of it and develop our own non-contact version of the sport in Cornwall.

“Flag football isn’t that big here in Cornwall and that is our fault to be honest. We have been trying to find our feet since becoming the Monarchs. It is something we are looking to turn around. Flag football in Devon, Somerset and the rest of the UK is really quite big.

“It is great for anyone with a physical job who can’t risk injuries and is a great sport to be able to play.”

By Tom Howe 24th February 2021

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