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News Archive > Sport > Millward In Favour Of Cancelled Season

Millward In Favour Of Cancelled Season

By Tom Howe 24th February 2021

Millward In Favour Of Cancelled Season
With the exception of Premier Division One, the 2020-21 West Clubs Women´s Hockey League season has been abandoned

Newquay chair Lora Millward has backed the decision made by the West Clubs Women’s Hockey League to abandon the 2020-21 season with immediate effect.

After a stop start beginning to the campaign, the final straw arrived on January 5 when England was placed under lockdown restrictions once again with barely any hockey having been played.

A meeting of the league committee on February 11 determined that, with the exception of Premier Division One, the season would be voided with no promotions or relegations. Newquay’s teams had managed just five games between them since their respective divisions began in October and, quite rightly, league integrity and the safety of those involved has taken precedence.

“We were all in favour of it being cancelled this season,” she said when speaking to the Voice. “I don’t think they could have done anything anyway. It would have been ridiculous. I think Penzance had only played one league game so it would have been all over the place. We voted in favour of scrapping it this year. I think it was the best thing all round for everyone. Even if we had carried on, we could have played teams who were stronger and the games that we didn’t get to play in could have been against weaker teams. We thought it wasn’t really fair to even play half the games and miss out on playing everyone and it being fair and everyone having equal opportunity.

“We have cancelled our committee meeting until after [Boris Johnson’s address on Monday evening] to see if we know any more because obviously we can’t do anything until we are allowed to. As soon as we can we will get back to some sort of pitch training and I think a few people would be happy to play.

“A lot of people aren’t comfortable to play right now. To feel you’re letting the team down because you are saying you are unavailable, I would rather play than say I’m not comfortable because I am a team player and a lot of us are.

“We wouldn’t want to let the rest of the team down. This has taken pressure off people. If we want to come back and train, people who want to come back can and others don’t feel the pressure they have to come back and make up the team.”

Squad members and staff alike have remained in touch since the outbreak of covid-19 first interrupted their sport last March and Millward admits that bond has had a positive impact on their collective mental well-being during what are extremely challenging and unusual circumstances.

“We have still been doing fitness sessions and people are doing other stuff as well,” continued Millward.

“We are desperate to get a bit of beach hockey in when we can just so we can have a gathering where we can sit around and chat but that might not be allowed yet.

“The Zoom sessions have had a fairly good turn out and we have had some socials, sitting around and having a chat.

“It made people realise     how much they do miss everyone. 

“Everyone is desperate for a hockey night out sometime too. It is good for people to keep in touch, even if we are not playing, it is good for your mental health to be around people.

“Things are just ticking by and there are a lot of people keen to get going again.

“As soon as we can we will book some pitches to train and play on.”

By Tom Howe 24th February 2021

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