The Newquay 10k once again proved to be one of the most popular races in the 15-event Cornwall Glass & Glazing Grand Prix series as 765 took part in Sunday&rsq..." />
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News Archive > Sport > Newquay 10k hailed as hugely successful

Newquay 10k hailed as hugely successful

By 8th February 2018

Newquay 10k hailed as hugely successful
THUMBS UP: Another popular Newquay 10K took place on Sunday morning with 765 runners cheered on by hundreds of spectators

The Newquay 10k once again proved to be one of the most popular races in the 15-event Cornwall Glass & Glazing Grand Prix series as 765 took part in Sunday’s event, which was blessed with perfect weather conditions.

For the fifth year in a row the race, the second of the series after the Stormforce 10 heralded the start of the 2018 season last month, was kindly sponsored by Flounders Fish and Chips.

The race began at 9.45am from Newquay Sports Centre and, with the course well sign-posted, warning motorists of delays on Sunday morning, runners were able to enjoy the course, which headed out towards the boating lake on Edgcumbe Avenue, turning left on Trevemper Road by the River Gannel and up the muddy tracks towards Crantock, before looping back just past the three-mile mark.

The event was hailed a huge success with many visiting clubs praising how well organised Sunday’s race was – the post-race goodie bag was also very well received!

Hundreds also lined the roads to cheer on runners, with the dry, sunny conditions adding to the enjoyment, while marshals were also on hand to guide athletes around the course and also offer encouragement.

Sunday’s bumper entry was also three short of the Grand Prix record (768) set by the Newquay 10k last year, which had beaten the previous record, another Newquay ran event, the Cubert 5.

The men’s race was won by Mile High’s Tony Brewer in an excellent time of 33.35. He was followed home by club-mate Aaron Benney (33.59). In third place was last year’s winner, Colin Snook (34.29) of Cornwall AC. Alex Daniels led the Newquay Road Runners’ contingent home in 35.47. The Newquay men’s team were placed fifth, and Daniels was followed by club-mates Jonny Colaco (36.31), Craig Webster (36.45), Gareth Greeves (37.13), Lee Hall (40.14) and Martin Davis (41.03).

In the ladies’ race Emma Stepto continued her domination with a second successive GP win after her victory in the Stormforce 10. Stepto beat last year’s time of 37.03, winning in 36.27 on this occasion. Second lady home was Stepto’s club-mate, Heidi Tregenza, who finished in 38.32. Completing a Cornwall AC 1-2-3 was Ruby Orchard (39.38).

Newquay Road Runners’ ladies performed excellently, with two teams being placed in the top five. The first ladies’ team was placed third, with Melissa King leading in 42.22, followed by Megan Davis (42.44), Joanna Herd (44.10), Colette Clements (44.32), Lydia Davis (45.50) and Eleanor Dixon (46.04).

In the second ladies’ team, which placed fifth, Lisa Talling led them home in 46.10, followed by Sara Robins (47.01), Leigh Spencer (47.02), Louise Gore (47.30), Emma Savage (47.38) and Ella Williams (47.41).

A large number of Newquay Road Runners’ ‘Intro2Running’ group also took part in Sunday’s race, many of whom were taking part in their first competitive race, with all doing the club very proud.

Results: 12th 0:35:47 DANIELS, Alex, 19th 0:36:31 COLACO, Jonny, 20th 0:36:45 WEBSTER, Craig, 24th 0:37:13 GREEVES, Gareth, 62nd 0:40:14 HALL, Lee, 70th 0:41:03 DAVIS, Martin, 83rd 0:41:51 LOWE, Toby, 84th 0:41:51 WALKER, Chris N, 86th 0:41:55 MURRAY, James, 93rd 0:42:22 KING, Melissa, 100th 0:42:44 DAVIS, Megan, 111th 0:43:12 RIDLER, Sam, 113th 0:43:17 TALLING, Glyn, 118th 0:43:28 MITCHELL, Scott, 124th 0:43:49 DAVIES, Andy, 128th 0:44:02 GOTEL, Xavier, 130th 0:44:10 HERD, Joanna, 137th 0:44:32 CLEMENTS, Colette, 159th 0:45:20 ALLEN, Peter, 172nd 0:45:50 DAVIS, Lydia, 178th 0:46:04 DIXON, Eleanor, 182nd 0:46:10 TALLING, Lisa, 187th 0:46:22 CARTER, Lee, 192nd 0:46:33 LACKEY, Michael, 200th 0:47:01 ROBINS, Sara, 202nd 0:47:02 WALE, Mathew, 203rd 0:47:02 SPENCER, Leigh, 213th 0:47:23 DALE, Steve, 220th 0:47:30 GORE, Louise, 226th 0:47:38 SAVAGE, Emma, 228th 0:47:41 WILLIAMS, Ella, 231st 0:47:46 BUCK, Richard, 233rd 0:47:47 POTTER, Alison, 238th 0:47:59 BROBIN, Cody, 249th 0:48:19 HENRY, Steve, 262nd 0:48:55 TALLING, Sophie, 263rd 0:48:57 STEELE, Michelle, 271st 0:49:10 BULLOCK, Katie, 280th 0:49:41 RAWSON, Danielle, 290th 0:49:59 CAFF, Wayne, 299th 0:50:21 MCKENZIE, Tracy, 300th 0:50:22 GREGORY, Amy, 329th 0:51:30 LILLIS, John, 330th 0:51:32 EMMETT, Lucy, 339th 0:52:08 RICKWOOD, Richard, 344th 0:52:17 MCBAIN, Vanessa May, 349th 0:52:25 NEEDHAM, Sara, 360th 0:52:58 LOCKETT, Pat, 368th 0:53:21 HILL, Sarah, 382nd 0:53:51 SHAW, Sian, 391st 0:54:26 WALTERS, Karen, 397th 0:54:36 MASTERS, Karen, 407th 0:54:57
HIGGINS, Lucy, 408th 0:54:57 JAYNE, Samantha, 415th 0:55:14 ALLEN, Tracey, 419th 0:55:21 DAVISON, Mick, 422nd 0:55:24 MILES, Nick, 424th 0:55:27 BROOKS, Amanda, 436th 0:55:56 COMBELLACK, Peter, 446th 0:56:19 ROOSE, Alison, 451st 0:56:34 HEWITT, Lucy, 488th 0:57:46 HALL, Becky, 566th 1:00:58 COURTNEY, Stacey, 574th 1:01:14 CAFF, Tristan, 576th 1:01:19 HOLT, Liane, 577th 1:01:22 HOLT, Claire, 579th 1:01:27 WEBSTER, Katherine, 583rd 1:01:38 BOWDEN, Sally, 598th 1:02:19 HARVEY, Lynn, 621st 1:03:26 KENT, Emma, 638th 1:04:47 COOKE-DAVIES, Louise, 641st 1:04:51 CAFF, Jane, 648th 1:05:13 MCCABE, Ashley, 686th 1:08:08 HOLLADAY, Michelle, 701st 1:09:28 HOBBS, Aleksandra, 707th 1:10:18 FRANCIS, Donna, 733rd 1:15:34 ALLEN, Georgie, 748th 1:19:28 WALTERS, Adam, 765th 1:33:04 SAVIN, Nick

By 8th February 2018

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