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News Archive > General > Designer Jess has got her fashion dream sewn up

Designer Jess has got her fashion dream sewn up

By Warren Wilkins 24th November 2020

Designer Jess has got her fashion dream sewn up
Jess Davies has got it all sewn up – thanks to the first lockdown. The Newquay woman used the enforced time off work to find the funding to launch a new fashion brand.

A Newquay woman has got her career move sewn up after raising £10,000 to launch a
new sustainable clothing company.

Jess Davies has started Kitambaa, which specialises in custom garments using preloved
denim and vibrant African fabric. The concept for the clothing company had been brewing
for years but it was not until the lockdown that Jess had the time available to make her
dream become a reality.

Jess was furloughed from her job as a fund-raising manager for the RNLI, so she decided
to make some garments and launch a Crowdfunder to raise the money needed to start the clothing company.

Forty backers pledged money and Jess has now customised denim jackets and shirts with African fabric she was offering as rewards for the donations.

The support has enabled her to kick-start the production line to cater for the festival and event crowds of 2021. Jess said: “My work with the RNLI is full-time as the fund-raising manager for North Cornwall and North Devon.

“I have always been a creative soul outside my work and enjoyed making things out of vibrant fabric, which is essentially African fabric. “My husband and I thought about customising second-hand items such as denim jackets and shirts.

“A lot of people could probably relate to not fulfilling a dream or an idea because they are in full-time work but being furloughed gave me the opportunity to turn this into something

“I thought I would get some support prior to getting it off the ground and the Crowdfunder
was a great way of doing it.

“I created quite a few garments and I spent the past month creating the rewards of jackets and shirts for the 40 people who supported me. “I’m now creating stock to sell and also hope to offer items people can order online.”

Jess is passionate about playing a part in increasing awareness about the damaging impacts fast fashion has on the environment. Sustainability sits at the forefront of Kitambaa as she believes good quality denim can be given new soul and a new lease of life.

Jess says her passions for travelling, textiles, cultures, festivals and a love for creating memories with friends are intertwined in the garments created.

Jess said: “The aim of Kitambaa is to make you feel really confident, happy and full of life. We want to spread warmth, positivity and sheer joy across all ages and genders through
the garments we design and make.

“It has been really fantastic having Kitambaa as a focus, providing purpose and motivation
in these unprecedented times. “Carefully hand-crafting each garment is a pretty magical
thing and fills me with such joy.”

For more information on Kitambaa whilst the website is being put together visit its Facebook and Instagram pages.

By Warren Wilkins 24th November 2020

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