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News Archive > General > We´re Set For a Major Facelift

We´re Set For a Major Facelift

By Sharon Sullivan 1st October 2020

We´re Set For a Major Facelift

Newquay Town Council asked for suggestions – and people have come up with ideas including Tram Tracks improvements, roundabout planting and more cleaning of the town centre roads, pavements, bins and street furniture.

Plans being put in place include cutting back hedges in areas such as the Eothen and the cliff path leading between the Huer’s Hut, the Fly Cellars and the Harbour. 

The town council’s environment service will review what equipment is necessary and, where possible, will undertake the work in house. 

If this is not possible, the town council will seek competitive quotes from external contractors. 

Rose garden soil improvements at Trenance Gardens will be a joint project between the environment service and Newquay in Bloom, which will be completed in the coming weeks.

Approval has also been given for Newquay in Bloom to work with a local landscape artist and develop a low-maintenance planting design for the roundabout by Tower Road. 

If the project proves successful, Newquay Town Council will look to roll out the theme across other roundabouts in Newquay. 

A proposal to install promotional material and imagery on empty shop windows will be discussed at the next tourism and leisure committee meeting in October.

Improvements to the pathway leading to Towan Headland Look-out Hut is a project the town council is looking at with Cornwall Council and residents. 

A site meeting has yet to take place due to coronavirus restrictions. 

Plans to enhance the cleaning of town centre roads, pavements, bins and street furniture has been referred for discussion to the newly reformed Newquay Clean meetings. 

An idea to install bigger bins in heavy footfall areas has also been passed on to Newquay Clean. 

There are also proposals to improve the Towan Blystra underpass: local artists are going to be asked to give quotes for creating new street art in this area. 

Themes to be considered for works include the proximity to Wildflower Lane and Newquay Zoo.

An idea to undertake green improvements at Towan Blystra Road is now part of the Cornwall Council-led Making Space for Nature project. 

A landscape plan has been developed, which takes account of community use on the main grassed area with wildlife-friendly planting around the edges. 

Elsewhere, a pilot project for increasing the wild flowers on the embankments at Concrete Waves has been agreed. 

A local Treloggan company will be undertaking the works and managing the area over the coming seasons. 

Tram Tracks improvements have seen the environment service team cut back overgrowth, tidy the entire length of the walkway and expose the Cornish walls once more. 

In the future, consideration will be given to planting a small manageable section with edible plants and herbs. 

A scheme to fix the rusting street furniture on Bank Street will include lamp posts and hanging basket poles. 

Photos have been sent to Cornwall Council, where staff will now undertake a full inspection of the area and will fix or remove, as necessary. 

Once this is complete, Newquay Town Council will look at whether any further enhancements can be made. 

The town council’s footpaths committee believes there is a need to look at the appearance of the town centre as a holistic project. 

High street improvements under consideration include the granite balls, hanging baskets, planters, lighting, bunting, street art, street furniture including benches and bins and knitted art projects, sometimes known as yarn bombing or knitting guerillas. 

The project will be considered at a future meeting with a view to setting up a High Street Improvement Working Party. The granite balls, which have been criticised for looking unsightly, could be removed.

The footpaths committee has decided against an idea to paint external steps in rainbow colours as it would have maintenance implications and could be an issue for visually-impaired people. 

But the committee has agreed to progress with phase five of the bench refurbishment project. 

Future benches due to be refurbished include outside Burger King, in St Michaels Road, on the cliff path between the Huer’s Hut and Fly Cellars, at Trenance Viaduct, Chester Road, Henver Road, St Thomas Road, above the Harbour and at Island Crescent. 

Newquay Town Council will work with First South West to agree locations where the transport company can install a number of colourful, fun planters that are shaped liked buses. 

These will add colour around the town at no cost to the town council and will be maintained by the transport company. 

The facelift plans come amid concerns the resort has been neglected for years because of Government funding cutbacks.

The authority asked via its social media channels for ideas and suggestions from the public of how to improve the appearance of the town. 

Many ideas were submitted, which were discussed and agreed at the footpaths, bridleways and open spaces committee (FBOS) meeting held last Wednesday.

Cllr Olly Monk, the chairman of the FBOS committee, said: “We have listened to the public and are moving forward with most of various schemes that were put forward by the public and other Newquay councillors. 

“Some of these ideas will be easy wins, others will take longer to investigate and deliver. 

“As chair of FBOS I am determined that this committee makes a positive impact on the street scene and open spaces of Newquay.

“Newquay Town Council is committed to working with its residents to improve the appearance of Newquay.” 

Residents who have any further suggestions can contact the town council at at, or call 01637 878388. 

By Sharon Sullivan 1st October 2020

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