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News Archive > General > Homeless Paul issues jobs plea

Homeless Paul issues jobs plea

By 2nd November 2016

Homeless Paul issues jobs plea
Homeless Paul Nelson is desperate to land a job in Newquay.

A member of Newquay’s homeless community who is desperately trying to find a job is calling for more support for those forced to live on the streets.

Paul Nelson (above) is nearly 60 and has been living rough on and off for a number of years. Originally from Yorkshire, Paul has travelled the country looking for work and along the way has picked up experience in painting, decorating, cleaning, cooking and building.

But despite all of his experience, Paul says he finds it very difficult to find a permanent job and due to the paperwork needed for Government financial support, says he has been forced to live on the streets.

He explained: “I’ve been doing odd jobs over the summer but I have had no support at all in finding work. I went to the Job Centre but they put me on courses which didn’t seem to have anything to do with employment and they were not very helpful. I don’t like going on the dole, but even when I tried you have to wait six weeks, and I can’t survive that long without money and there are all sorts of hurdles caused by not having a permanent address.

“I’m a genuine person and I refuse to steal from people so I have been living rough and getting by with help from community groups such as Soul Food and kind gifts from locals, but without any support or help I feel like I’m reaching the end of what I can take. Living on the streets is just not healthy and I know I just won’t last the winter.”

Paul recently became overwhelmed with his situation and attempted to kill himself. He stabbed himself near Newquay Library and left a trail of blood as he walked to the Job Centre.

He said: “I just couldn’t do it anymore. I have tried so hard to get work and get back on my feet. All I want is a roof over my head and some food and then I will be happy. Newquay’s community is amazing and people here are so friendly and so I’m hoping somebody will give me a chance to work, get some money and get off the streets.”

If anyone can help Paul find work, please contact the Newquay Voice on 01637 878298.

By 2nd November 2016

Sebastian Huszek 2nd November 2016 20:11
Please please help Paul is a really good man as I try to do I
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