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News Archive > General > Residents´ concerns at apartments scheme

Residents´ concerns at apartments scheme

By Simon Fernley 10th August 2016

Residents´ concerns at apartments scheme
The proposed eight-storey structure

RESIDENTS have strongly opposed the long-awaited plans to redevelop Newquay’s biggest eyesore site due to concerns the proposed building would dwarf the surrounding residential area.

A developer has submitted a proposal to demolish the Fistral Bay Hotel on Pentire Avenue and erect a new 81-unit apartment building, under-croft car parking and retail and office space (pictured right).

Residents, businesses and councillors have been campaigning for 10 years to get the derelict building developed due to its detrimental impact, but fears have been raised the proposed eight-storey building would be too large.

Neighbours have complained the structure, which includes two levels of penthouse suites and an additional two levels of underground car parking, would lead to a loss of privacy because of overlooking issues and that the street infrastructure would not be able to cope with the amount of traffic generated by the new properties. Concerns have also been highlighted that the flats will become second homes or holiday lets and that the building would not be a good landmark for the gateway to Pentire.

Developer Queensbridge Homes has appointed HLM to deliver the plans. A spokesman said: “Given its prominent location at the entrance to the Pentire peninsula, the existing dilapidated structure is fruitless on a site with considerable potential and is currently considered to be a health and safety risk. The proposed development aims to regenerate the site in order to provide an increased number of dwellings, alongside a retail/cafe unit, in an attempt to stimulate its immediate environment.

“The proposal’s mass is driven by the need to create a strong building form on this gateway site for Pentire, whilst balancing and appreciating the scale and character of the immediate context.

“When considering the positioning of the proposal upon the site, three main views have been considered to ratify the proposal’s visual impact on the surroundings alongside its relationship to its neighbouring, existing structures.

“Main access from Pentire Avenue, Bezant Place located to the south and Pentire Crescent to the east, the other prominent approach to the site. Within these three locations noticeable developments are already present. These take the form of the Tre Lowen holiday apartments, the Bezant Place residential development and Fistral Natural Retreats studios.

“The proposal looks to sensitively place itself within these surroundings so as to not impede on the views currently exploited by these developments whilst maximising its own potential.

“In light of there being no recorded accidents over the latest five-year period it is concluded that there are no existing highway safety issues that the development is likely to exacerbate.”

Resident Nic Bride said: “I live 200 metres from the development and it will overlook and overtake the property I reside in.

“It is far too high for the area and rather than replacing an existing eyesore will become one itself. In its current form it is not something I believe will benefit the local community in terms of housing, or of the impression it will give to visitors to Newquay. It will be another building within distance of Fistral Beach for those only with the finances that enable them to leave them empty for many months of the year. An eight- storey building will overtake the whole look and feel of Pentire.”

Jason Feast added: “The design is over-bearing, out-of-scale and out of character in terms of its appearance compared with existing development in the vicinity.

“The proposed building is too tall for Pentire. It would be an eyesore visible from a vast distance as it is on high ground compared to the surrounding area.

“I live 100 metres from the Fistral Bay Hotel and I feel the new flats will be overlooking, overshadowing and will result in loss of privacy for myself and all the neighbours due to the height of the apartments.

“I feel the design looks like a Marks and Spencers building that will not age well and not a good landmark for the gateway to Pentire and the Pentire Headland.”

Lucy Kellam added: “The proposed building is much too large and is not in keeping with other newly-built properties on Pentire. As the gateway to Pentire, it should be a welcoming structure, not overwhelming.

“Some 81 flats is exorbitant and the larger population will draw more traffic and parking congestion which the current street infrastructure is already unable to handle.
“We do not want to set a height precedent with this structure that exploits the skyline, Pentire or Newquay.

“It doesn’t appear to be designed with our local extreme weather conditions in mind thus, poor ageing is of great concern and thus will not be of a sustainable quality. The great height also will block sunlight and views of nearby existing flats.”

Newquay Town Council’s planning committee is scheduling an extraordinary meeting to consider the Fistral Bay Hotel plans in light of the local interest, which will be held at the Marcus Hill offices on Monday, August 15, at 11.30am.

Pentire councillor Joanna Kenny said: “The public are welcome to attend and speak in the public questions session. I am sure the council would be grateful that if many attend they select their own speakers to represent the views of all the public who might be there.”

By Simon Fernley 10th August 2016

Susan Scott 11th August 2016 09:43
This will affect all the residents especially the services and is not a feasible solution. Digging down could affect the whole peninsular, there are caves and mineshafts underneath. Access problems also, traffic. The building needs to be demolished and new plans submitted that are more in keeping. Overdevelopment certainly.
Tom Tolkien 11th August 2016 14:21
Full details on the council site are here: to make a comment or object to this this planning application, use this page:
Samantha rice 11th August 2016 14:48
Can sum it up in one word,,,,,,HIDEOUS! I live just round the corner, I have a nice sunny garden,,,,,, no more! That monstrosity will cast a shadow like its the end of the world!!!
Was so looking forward to that building being demolished and now quite frankly, I´d rather it stayed!

Not happy resident!
Cathy B 11th August 2016 21:39
We desperately need the old hotel demolished as it´s an eyesore and dangerous but seriously that will look ridiculous in its place. To big and bland, I guess it´s more floors more profit!!!!
Tre Lowen Resident 13th August 2016 16:33
Why has neither Newquay Council or Cornwall Council told neighbouring residents about this proposal? No one in Bezant Place, Tre Lowen, Pentire Crescent or Ocean Gate has received any information about this planning proposal whatsoever. There have been no leaflets, posters, emails or anything. How are people supposed to comment, support or object to a planning proposal that is essentially being kept a big secret from the residents? Why are the councils behaving like this?
Heiko and Maria, Tre Lowen residents 24th August 2016 21:17
The proposed plans are totally inacceptable - too big,will spoil the whole atmosphere of Pentire Peninsula, totally out of proportion in comparison with other buildings; in addition: already mentioned problems of sewage, parking, views etc.
I suspect someone wants to make a huge profit at the expense of local residents; acceptable would be a 3-4 storey building, which fits into the general building proceedings; anything higher destroys the still harmonious atmosphere and residential feeling on Pentire; these plans go against the true spirit of Cornwall; if they go ahead as planned, it will be another step where Cornwall loses its character and will eventually destroy why people love it and come here
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