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News Archive > General > Campsite visitors flee caravan blaze

Campsite visitors flee caravan blaze

By 2nd September 2015

Campsite visitors flee caravan blaze

CAMPERS ran for their lives after a caravan caught ablaze at a Newquay holiday park on Monday night.

Holidaymakers staying at Trencreek Holiday Park fled after hearing “explosions” and seeing “massive flames” just metres from their tents shortly before 11pm.

Some, who were sleeping at the time and dressed in their night clothes, reportedly ran “screaming” either to a nearby pond for safety while others jumped in their cars and sped away. Two crews from Newquay Fire Station responded and managed to remove the gas cylinders from the caravan to prevent a further explosion from occurring. The caravan was completely destroyed but the 11 firefighters managed to stop the blaze from spreading to adjacent tents and caravans, although an awning was damaged. No one was injured during the incident. The owner of the caravan had been in the bar at the time the fire occurred. The  man, who was staying in the caravan on his own and visiting with friends, was given a bungalow to stay in for the night by the owners of the holiday park.

Camper Leanne Yule from Liverpool said: “I was playing a game when we heard loud bangs like unshots. My fiancee Steve said it was probably fireworks but it carried on and got louder. Steve went to take a look and he said we needed to get out. I saw orange flames getting higher and higher with every bang. People were screaming and running to the pond.

I was hysterical screaming. My fiancee put me in the car and went to see if he could help. I started screaming for him to come back and we drove up the road before dialling 999.”

Emma Muscutt from Nottingham, who was staying in a tent with a friend, said: “We were
sleeping and were woken up by a series of big bangs and then explosions. I wondered why people were letting off fireworks. I looked out the tent and saw a massive amount of flames and we started to run because we did not want to hang about. We ran to the car without any shoes on and drove off before coming back to see what was going on, by which time the fire service had the blaze under control.”

Gabrielle Martinez from Mexico, who was staying in a tent, added: “I was woken by loud explosions and I just wanted to run. Credit to the fire people. They came very quickly.”

The caravan was well alight when fire crews arrived. They used two breathing apparatus and two hose reels to put out the flames. The cause of the blaze is believed to be accidental.

Watch manager Shaun Taylor said: “We received a call to Trencreek Holiday Park with a caravan well alight. Two crews rapidly responded and were confronted by a fully developed fire in a caravan. Fortunately no one was injured. We were given good support from the owner and were able to resolve the incident fairly quickly and prevent the fire spreading.

“We were able to identify where the gas cylinders were and were able to remove them to reduce the risk to firefighters and members of the public staying on the site. Everyone cleared the area  in the immediate vicinity and the crews were able to work unhindered to put the fire out quickly. The caravan was destroyed by the fire. There is nothing to suggest the fire was arson, though there is no clue what caused it because of the severity of the damage.”

Trencreek Holiday Park owner Paul Hautot was pleased with how their fire procedure worked out. Paul said: “It was the first fire we have had in 65 years. We do not know what caused the fire and the fire brigade do not know either. Our fire provision went well considering we have never had to use it. Everything went like clockwork and no one was hurt or injured.

“From our point of view we are very happy with everything. I heard someone went past the caravan to go to the toilet and thought they saw what looked like the television being on.

When they came back they saw something more sinister before the caravan went up. I would like to thank the firefighters. They were brilliant.”

By 2nd September 2015

Katie wride 2nd September 2015 20:16
I would like to say how well the incident
Was managed by the campsite staff. There was no panic situation, we were two rows of tents away and didn´t hear any commotion or screaming. Most people woke up the next day not even knowing anything had happened. Everything was under control and the staff accommodated the family and another family nearby in one of their chalets. An unfortunate incident but thank goodness everything got under control amazingly quickly !
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