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News Archive > General > Fresh fears over CCTV cameras

Fresh fears over CCTV cameras

By 30th January 2013

NEWQUAY’S celebrated CCTV system is being threatened with closure following cuts in central Government funding.

Footage is currently monitored by Remploy staff at Newquay Police Station – however the Government has announced it is  to restructure how the organisation is funded which has put the CCTV monitoring at risk.

The contract between Newquay Town Council and Remploy is due to expire in May and there is currently no provision in place for beyond this point. Newquay town councillors have described the issue as a “big worry” and say they will do “everything in their power” to stop the loss of the system.

Members of the Economic Development and General Purposes Committee have applied for an extension for the monitoring until September, to prevent the influx of visitors during summer  being left unmonitored, but Cllr Andy Hannan said they still don’t know the outcome of the application.

He said: “At this moment we still have got no reassurances beyond May. We are having to work to the May deadline because we can’t afford to wait any longer in the hope that we will get the extension to September. We have to look at various options. We would have been going out to tender in April, but that has been suspended because, obviously, it is our priority to look at what we can do to save it.”

The committee is now exploring what options it has in order to keep the monitoring system running. Possible avenues include direct employment by the town council or bringing in other contractors. There are 27 CCTV cameras in operation in Newquay at sites such as Bank Street, East Street, Trenance Gardens, Fore Street and harbour.

Cllr Hannan added: “I, along with Newquay’s clerk and St Austell’s clerk, met with the head of CCTV monitoring at Remploy in December, but at this moment in time we only have the monitoring secured until May.

“I think the CCTV monitoring is one of the biggest achievements of Newquay Town Council. It has been very well run by the council but we have got to do something about it urgently. We have got to figure out a way forward. The police say the system is invaluable and I can’t see the town without it. We have got to do everything we can to stop this from happening.”

The council has around £95,000 allocated to CCTV for 2013-14, which includes money for monitoring, repairs and broadband links. Mayor Kevin Towill says the money they have set aside shows their commitment to ensuring the future of CCTV.

He added: “I fully stand behind the CCTV. I believe it is vital  that we are seen as a safe and secure resort which I think we are and that in part is down to our CCTV.  

“I think the vast majority of the council want to preserve it and will do so. The options available to us are varied, but whatever avenue we go down, it has to be in the best interests of the taxpayer.”

Police inspector Dave meredith said: “CCTV is a great support to the police and community safety. It has been there for years and throughout it has served as a great help to the police

in both preventing and detecting crime through the excellent coverage.

“It is often the case the controllers identify a developing situation and quickly direct police
resources to it, preventing it from escalating. Also, if there is a crime the CCTV footage can provide evidence to help secure a successful prosecution.

“I would like to see it continue for the foreseeable future to keep Newquay on the map as a great, viable and safe place to live, work and visit.”

By 30th January 2013

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