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News Archive > General > Staff suspended at Trevenson dump

Staff suspended at Trevenson dump

By 16th February 2011

STAFF at the household waste recycling centre in Newquay have been suspended while allegations are investigated.

Sita UK, which operates the site at Trevenson Road, is believed to be looking into whether employees sold items left at the centre to the public and took money in return for the dumping of trade waste.

The recycling company says it has not sold items to the public at the centre since taking it over  in November 2006.

Trade waste generated in the Newquay area can be taken to the Sita-owned landfill site at Connor Bridge in East Taphouse. Trade vehicles are weighed when they enter and leave the site, which determines how much is paid. The charge has become more expensive in recent years as landfill tax continues to rise.

Agency staff have now been brought in to work at the Trevenson site.
A Sita UK spokesman said: “I can confirm that we have suspended some staff who work at Trevenson Road Household Waste Recycling Centre in Newquay.

“An internal investigation is now underway and we cannot provide any comment on the nature of the issue.

“We have no further comment to make about suspensions or internal procedures.
“The Household Waste Recycling Centre usually operates with a complement of three staff.

Since Sita took on the site in Trevenson Road in November 2006, we have not sold goods.”
Cornwall Council introduced a new system in February at household recycling centres, which records the registration number of vehicles using the sites to help prevent businesses getting rid of their trade waste.

Drivers of certain vehicles, such as vans or vehicles with trailers, will be limited to 12 visits a year after national research showed 13% of all waste dumped in 2010 was deposited illegally.

Recycling centres are not licensed to take commercial or industrial waste. It is a criminal offence to deposit trade waste at premises not licensed to accept it.

Julian German, Cornwall Council’s cabinet member for waste management, said: “In 2009 around 80,000 tonnes of waste was deposited at our household waste recycling centres. If 13% of this was trade waste, it means that 10,000 tonnes was deposited illegally – costing the council and tax payers in Cornwall around £1.16 million to deal with.

“The illegal deposit of trade waste does not just have significant financial implications for the council, it also causes delays to the operation of the site as large amounts of waste are unloaded, increased health and safety risks as large vans and trailers are manoeuvred around the site, and incidents of anti-social behaviour and aggression as staff attempt to turn the traders away.”

By 16th February 2011

Kevin scholes 31st August 2015 09:08
Anything thats anygood should not be thrown away it should be given to charities to sell or sold at the site .it should be made law theres loads of stuff thats thrown away bric a brac clothes bikes furniture there are charity shops in newquay truro and st austell crying out for goods air ambulance save the children cancer research
Johm Barlow 14th April 2017 09:54
Loads of stuff dumped there which should be recycled...I´ve asked for things in the past and told "No"....TV programmes all about recycling and yet the site is a dumping area....we don´t mind giving a few bob if that is the only way!!
Peter Pound-Gray 21st July 2019 05:29
Never had any issues with site, staff have always been helpful,and polite, and I always ask what I can and can not take there, as I am a householder,and its surprising how much stuff we collect, I do what I can to pass on no longer wanted items to our local charity´s on Newquay area, But I do believe there should be a facility on site for us, ´Joe public" to leave good items for our charity´s, Kind Regards, Peter Pound-Gray (Mr)
Terence John Lawson 27th September 2019 04:26
I agree with Mr Gray, their should be a place set aside for reusable goods.As for the staff always found them friendly and helpful.

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