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News Archive > General > Church programme aims to prompt great questions

Church programme aims to prompt great questions

By Oliver Young 4th April 2021

Church programme aims to prompt great questions

The Bodmin community is being given the opportunity to ask the big questions about Christian faith as part of a new project.

The New Life Church, currently based at Bodmin Town football club, will begin hosting ‘Alpha’ from next Thursday, April 8 with anyone welcome to attend.

The Church’s pastor, Steven Ovens explained the Alpha project to the Voice: “If you came to one of our Sunday services and you sat in a meeting and heard someone preaching, you wouldn’t really get much time to ask or think about the big questions like ‘How do we know if God is real?’

“Alpha provides that chance to ask about these questions, whether you are agnostic, atheist or anything. It is a chance to get together. People from any background are invited whether they want to learn more or just take it in, everyone is welcome.

“It is about creating that space for people to come and ask deep questions.”

The Alpha project began in 1977 at a church in London but is used by Christians across the world, with groups watching short, though-provoking films and then discussing what they have just seen.

“The video series is brilliant and we sit and go through it and see what people’s thoughts are on it,” Steve continued.

“With the online aspect, we are finding that some people are more comfortable doing it from their own home rather than attending in person which is great.

“Through Alpha, we go on a journey of exploration.”

The New Life Church itself has experienced a year of major changes with the group selling its former Chapel Lane home and taking up temporary residence at Priory Park.

Steve, who used to play football himself to a high standard and was known as a prolific goal-scorer in his day for a number of clubs including Bodmin Town, added that plans were underway to find a new permanent home.

He said: “Since last summer, we have been based at Priory Park after selling our old building due to the limitations it had.

“We were based upstairs which was difficult for pushchairs and access, as you can imagine, and the space began to get quite crowded.

“With the sale of that and fundraising over the years in the hope of buying a new space, we have a good pot of money and we are ready to look at getting somewhere if the right space comes up.”

The New Life Church operates in a different way to more mainstream churches, with a focus on presenting things in a more ‘contemporary’ way to try and engage people in what is relevant in day to day life.

Anyone interested in taking part in the Alpha sessions can get in touch via

By Oliver Young 4th April 2021

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