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News Archive > General > Mayor heralds funding chance

Mayor heralds funding chance

By Oliver Young 17th February 2021

Mayor heralds funding chance
Bodmin Town Council is set to launch a bid for cash to revitalise the town centre

Bodmin Town Council are poised to launch an ambitious bid for funding that would see the town centre transformed.

Through the Town Centre Revitalisation Fund (TCRF), Cornwall Council are making one million pounds available for town development schemes across the Duchy.

As a town of around 17,000, Bodmin can apply for £100,000 and Bodmin Town Council (BTC) have almost completed their application.

Mayor of Bodmin Councillor Jeremy Cooper said: “I think that this would be fantastic for the town, it really is a great opportunity.

“When this group of councillors came together in 2017, our passion was to deliver for the people of Bodmin.

“The hard work of the town council over the last four years in engaging with Cornwall Council and external partners has created an environment where people want to come and work with us and the residents of the town and the community group.”

At last week’s monthly town council meeting, ‘urban design specialists’ Clifton and Emery, an Exeter-based firm, unveiled a draft of a document that will be presented to make the case for Bodmin.

The ‘reshaping’ of the town centre is a crucial part to the revitalisation of Bodmin with the planning parties keen to counteract the negative effects that online shopping has had on the high street.

“Small market towns are suffering across the country and covid-19 has made it worse,” Mayor Cooper continued.

“We live in a different world now and I don’t want to give people the impression that Fore Street will be full of shops again because I honestly believe those days are gone.

“What we can do, is use that money to try and create circumstances where community groups and service providers and different types of retail come to the town centre and find it a welcoming place where they can prosper.

“That is the challenge for us going forward.”

The document produced by Clifton and Emery will go alongside BTC’s application form with Cornwall Council encouraging towns to show how their vision and priorities fit with local and wider area based plans and strategies.

Joy Bassett, the chair of Bodmin Chamber of Commerce added her backing to the bid for funding.

She said: “It would be brilliant for Bodmin because we are not a coastal town or big town so we have really missed out in the past but this is an opportunity to make some progress.

“We want to utilise the buildings in the town centre and if we get people into town, they’d want to eat and drink and you would then enhance what we already have and then people would need to meet.”

Bodmin’s bid for the funding is in the final stages of production and should be ready within the next months when it will then be submitted to Cornwall Council who will then consider the application.

By Oliver Young 17th February 2021

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