Walking football picks up after easing of lockdown

Walking football picks up after easing of lockdown

Walking football picks up after easing of lockdown

Walking football action has returned to Newquay following an easing of lockdown restrictions.

5th May 2021

By Tom Howe

Walking football’s popularity is on the rise once again following an easing of lockdown restrictions, with sessions back up and running at Newquay Sports Centre.

The adapted game, normally aimed at people over the age of 50, is a fun, inclusive and more sociable five-a-side version of the beautiful game.

Pre-lockdown, the town’s walking footballers plied their trade inside the Sports Centre but, because of the pandemic, currently play on the astroturf surface at nearby Tretherras.

They returned to more competitive action when entering one of nine teams in a recent festival run by Cornwall County Football Association, joining the likes of St Austell, Penwith and Morwenstow at Lanivet Community Centre.

“We have been back for two weeks, no more than that,” said Newquay Walking Football’s John Fowler in discussion with the Voice. “We have tried to get together and kick the ball around on the grass but it has been difficult. People have been quite rightly quite wary of coming out and exposing themselves to covid. We are just beginning to bring the numbers back up again and we are looking for new players to join us. We don’t allow hard physical contact and try to allow people to express themselves on the field and have a bit of fun really, without the threat of horrible injuries which come from playing football.

“We have been running as an organized unit for a few years and have got somewhere in the region of 20 plus players on the books. They are of all ages and abilities. We really don’t care if you are a superstar or just an average person who wants to come and kick the ball around. We have a lot of fun and are affiliated to the Football Association. It is a no-stress environment. We are not entering the FA Cup or anything like that. We are just there for pure enjoyment.

“We had kind of a scratch team out and played five games [at Lanivet]. We didn’t score a single goal but drew three games 0-0 and lost a couple narrowly. We weren’t at our best but neither was anyone else. It was a series of friendly games to get everybody back in the spirit of playing football. It is a growing sport and the people who come and do it absolutely love it.”

For more information, including details on how you can get involved with walking football in Newquay, email johnfowler100@googlemail.com or call 07909 827884.