Jenkin full of enthusiasm as new season gets underway

Jenkin full of enthusiasm as new season gets underway

Jenkin full of enthusiasm as new season gets underway

Cricket action is set to return to Newquay Sports Centre this summer

14th April 2021

By Tom Howe

The Cornwall Cricket League will start on Saturday with some games played behind closed doors although outdoor hospitality at grounds can operate under step two of the Government’s covid-19 exit strategy.

Rules have stated that games taking place on private land can’t be viewed by spectators until May 17, although for matches taking place on public pitches, the rules are slightly different.
Persons wishing to attend the games can do so, although current covid-19 guidelines must be adhered too.

In a statement, Cornwall Cricket League secretary Michael Weeks explained how the season will start under some restrictions.

“Spectators apart from caring and safeguarding exemptions, are not allowed on private land at step two of the Government roadmap,” Weeks began. “However, in a statement, the English Cricket Board has confirmed outdoor hospitality at recreational cricket clubs is permitted.

“All participants must follow Government guidance on hospitality settings and specific advice for sport facility operators available on the Government’s website.

“People using clubhouses and hospitality facilities must adhere to legal gathering limits and wider government guidance. Patrons or members of clubs may view cricket activity if they are following the guidance on hospitality. Outdoor hospitality and outdoor organised activity is permissible at the same time, subject to compliance with relevant Government guidance.

Changing rooms and clubhouses, apart from toilets, remain shut. On the field, the covid-19 regulations regarding social distancing and sanitising etc remain in place.”

Ahead of this Saturday's trip to Paul in County One, Newquay first-team captain Callan Jenkin told the Voice: “Our initial target is to push for the top half. We are capable of beating anyone in the league, it's just consistency that we struggle with. We have a couple of new players in Anthony Leaney, a wicketkeeper and Robbie Smith, an exciting 18-year-old that has previously played baseball for South Africa and Great Britain along with a good standard of cricket upcountry. Training has seen a high turnout with most people looking to get back out after lockdown. There have been no warm up games but there have even been players up having a net at 7.00 am some days. Most people are looking forward to the season ahead.

“There has been some real progress with [our facilities at the Sports Centre]. We have purchased more crucial equipment and looked at outside help this year along with the current head groundsman. We are also working closer with Wax and Newquay Sport Centre to provide a better quality outfield which has often been a problem for us. I think the other teams are shaping up well too. Looking at all the new faces joining we should definitely have a surplus of players, meaning rotation and prior planning will be needed to ensure everyone is happy. This is a real boost as there have been years where we struggled to get three teams out, let alone four.”