Former Godolphin boss tips club to turn fortunes around

Former Godolphin boss tips club to turn fortunes around

Former Godolphin boss tips club to turn fortunes around

Former Godolphin Atlantic manager Andy Savage. Picture: Paul Williams

19th May 2021

By Tom Howe

Andy Savage, who spent time with Godolphin Atlantic as both a player and a manager, has tipped his former club ‘to come good’ as they undergo a transitional period.

Savage brought an end to his second spell in charge of the club last October, describing his choice to step down as ‘the hardest decision’ he has had to make in 18 years of coaching.

Citing an imbalance between work, family life and that of his role in football, Savage has since moved closer to Poole, where he works for the military as well as running his own sports therapy business.
His role has since been filled by the management trio of Paul Clarke, Adam Patterson and Josh Stockdale, with the feeling being that the 2014-15 South West Peninsula League Cup winners are turning things around after a few years spent fighting at the wrong end of the standings.

“What I couldn’t give the club during my second spell was the time that it really deserves,” Savage told the Voice. “I took the job on [for a second time] more out of hopefulness than anything else. Towards the end of the first season, before it all got null and voided, we were just starting to turn a corner but had to stop [because of lockdown]. Because of where we were [in the league], nobody was stepping forward to take the job. I don’t think Godolphin had many people, if anybody, apply for the manager’s job so I said I would do it [again the next season].

“In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done it. I should have maybe helped find somebody else but I jumped in and we tried to make it work. We tried a different mentality and to bring some of the younger lads back. We had a lack of experience and they probably needed a couple more seasons of senior football but I still believe in what we were trying to do. It just didn’t work out.

“Once I had settled at Godolphin, that was it. That was really the only club that I wanted to be involved with. I still fully believe that Godolphin are a better side than the table says. They always say the table doesn’t lie but there is some fantastic young talent there. We had to push them a little bit too early but don’t get me wrong, the lads never moaned. It was just a step too far.

“You have Clarkey there with his extensive knowledge of players and his connections, as well as Josh and Adam who are two really good young coaches. What I love about Godolphin is that we only tend to attract the right people. They are good footballers who all buy into what we are trying to do. When you walk into Godolphin Way, it is a nice ground and the club have aspirations. It could be a really great ground with some investment and funding. There are plans to breath fresh life into it. They will get there.”

After eight years in Cornwall, during which he also took in spells at Newquay, Padstow United and Perranporth, Savage was announced as the new manager of Dorset Premier League club Blandford United in early April and revealed a desire to bring his new team down to Cornwall during pre-season, with a potential friendly game at Godolphin in the offing.

“I am still working in the military and have worked in Dorset for three years,” he explained. “All I am doing is bringing the family up with me rather than travelling backwards and forwards. I have got another two years left in the army and potentially another two after that. If they offered it to me I would take it while I am still fit enough to do it. Football wise, I don’t stand still for too long. I had a couple of irons in the fire.

“I had a chat with one chairman in the Dorset Premier League [at Blandford], which is the equivalent of step seven.

“It is nice to be back after being away for so long. I have got some very good friends here. It would be nice to have a club and bring them down to Godolphin for pre-season as long as it fits in with what Clarkey wants to do. It would be nice and I won’t be going easy on the G.

“Godolphin is a big part of my life. That is the thing that I am most sad about. It is always hard leaving. I leave the G for a little bit of time and I am sucked back in again. I would like to say a huge thank you to Godolphin and Tania (Semmens), Derek (Martin) and Nigel (Semmens) for bringing me in originally. Thank you to all of the clubs, to Newquay for giving me my first job down here when nobody else would really look at me. Thank you to all of the players that I have worked with. It has been great and really enjoyable.”