Club welcomes 60 youth to first event

Club welcomes 60 youth to first event

Club welcomes 60 youth to first event

Newquay Cricket Club have plenty of competition for places.

12th May 2021

By Tom Howe

The face of cricket in Newquay has never looked so good, with the town’s club bowled over by the amount of interest received in recent times.

Club captains Callan Jenkin, Tommy Rodda, Sam Milat and Nick Smith are posed with a selection headache week in, week out with the amount of players wanting to get in the thick of the action, leading to friendly matches being arranged to ensure everyone has a chance.

As well as the club’s competitive and more social senior sides, which compete at various levels within the Cornwall League system, Newquay have restarted their All Star and Dynamo youth sessions with almost 60 young players attending Friday’s opening evening.

Smith, who combines his role as fourth team skipper with that of the club’s honorary secretary, said Newquay’s healthy membership, complimented by the hard work going into improving facilities, has left it in the best place it has been since his arrival.

“The feeling around the club is pretty positive,” he told the Voice. “We have got a good number of people turning up and our nets on a Wednesday evening have been incredibly well attended with people pitching up and working on their skills. That is really encouraging. I have only been at the club two or three years but I have never seen it so busy, which is great.

“Some are training on Mondays now otherwise there is a lack of space or enough time in the nets. When lots of people are available for selection, that makes it difficult for the captains but you would rather be in that situation then to have to ring round and coax people out. The fact that there are loads and loads of people is incredibly good for the club. It is nice to have a club that caters for such a diverse group of people.

“We will hopefully try to arrange more friendlies on Sundays or in midweeks to make sure that everyone gets a chance to turn up and play. We have got a lot of consistency and similar faces but last year there were at least five or six new players who arrived and, again, I can think of three or four new faces that are new at the start of this season.

“We are very fortunate to have what we do at the club. It is a very friendly, open and welcoming club. I have always felt welcome and that it is very easy to pitch up and join. There is a team where you can play and contribute, whether you are player with skill who can play for the first or second teams or if you want to play more socially. If you are a young player, you might play in the fourths and move up the ranks as you mature.”

Club President Mike Jelbert and new face Craig Swan respectively ran Friday’s popular All Star and Dynamo sessions. The events are part of an innovative programme to introduce five-to-eight-year-olds to the game in All Star events, with graduating players up to the age of 11 going on to further hone their skills in Dynamos cricket.

“What we want to encourage is for players who develop and grow at the club to have the opportunity to play at increasingly higher levels,” said Smith. “If we weren’t encouraging youngsters to take the game up then the club would wither and that is absolutely not what we want. It was incredible to see such a great turnout of people and their parents. Hopefully everyone had a really good time.

“Sam Milat deserves a huge amount of credit for doing a significant chunk of the behind-the-scenes work for the All Stars and Dynamos: encouraging sign-ups, organising volunteers and activators and the many logistical tasks that are needed to make the whole thing run smoothly.

“Also thanks to the activators: Tom Rhodes, who is also running the youth section with Craig, Ed Mosley, Brian Battye, Nathan Rees, Pete Middlehurst, Denise Shackell, Tommy Rodda, Mark Headland and Daniel Gray who were there last Friday. As with everything at the club, it’s a team effort. Hopefully we can continue with good weather on Fridays and not see any sessions washed out.”

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