Sea pool bid makes a splash

Sea pool bid makes a splash

Members of the Bluetits with Louis Gardner and Jon Goodman at the sea pool.

28th April 2021

By Warren Wilkins

The campaign to restore the sea pool on Towan Beach has been given a welcome boost from a popular open water sea swimming group.

Newquay Bluetits has pledged to support the efforts to bring the pool back to its former glory, lead by Jon Goodman and Louis Gardner.

The 100-year-old pool, which was enjoyed by many generations of local people and visitors, fell into disrepair about 20 years ago as concerns about health and safety in public facilities rose, but the two men say they are certain that with the help of groups such as the Bluetits, obstacles can be overcome.

The Bluetits are now an international organisation, which has thousands of members worldwide, and promotes the benefits to mental and physical health that swimming in cold water can bring.

Mr Gardner said: “To have the support of a group such as the Bluetits is amazing.
“Even the founder of the national movement has sent us messages of support.

“It really does show that the town is behind this project. It seems to have really struck a chord with people.

“The Bluetits are not the only group that has so far come forward to offer us help and support.

“We have been contacted by a number of swimming groups in the area and we will be reaching out to them over the next few weeks as the project develops.”

The two men intend to organise fund-raising events, supported by a number of the swimming groups from throughout the town, as covid restrictions relax.

They even have plans for a line in merchandise to help fund-raise and spread the message.

A crowd-funding campaign has been started to reach an initial £50,000 target, although it’s admitted more will be required in the long run to repair the man-made tidal pool.

Mr Goodman said: “When Louis and I started this project only a week ago, we could have only dreamed of the support which we have had so far.

“The funding site is already standing at over £1,600, an incredible total in just a few days, and we have received messages of support from everyone we have spoken to.

“We knew when we started with this it would really resonate with the Newquay community and it has done that and more.

“I thank the Bluetits for their support and look forward to working with them.”
People can donate to the project at

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