Safety fear over jams at waste centre site

Safety fear over jams at waste centre site

The busy scene at the waste and recycling centre in Trevenson Road this week

10th March 2021

By Warren Wilkins

Safety concerns have been raised about long queues of traffic at the waste and recycling centre in Newquay.

Councillors fear an accident is waiting to happen outside the Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Trevenson Road now that students have returned to nearby Newquay Tretherras school.

Queues have increased as households have been having a spring clean during the warmer weather.

Only six cars at a time are allowed in to the centre due to coronavirus restrictions, which is causing traffic chaos. Town councillors say the rules that motorists can only visit on certain days depending on their registration number has made the problem worse.

Mayor Louis Gardner believes a traffic management and marshalling system needs to be put in place if the restrictions are maintained.

There are also calls for a proposed new household waste and recycling centre opposite Hendra Holiday Park to be built as soon as possible.

The new recycling centre was to be built last year but it is now not due until 2024.
Resident Ian Carhart, who lives near the centre, said: “There is a queue that goes from the dump all the way up to Tretherras school. You are taking your life in your hands if you drive down there if someone is driving up the other way. It’s hellish.

“It’s been like it every day for the past two weeks from 9am when the dump opens until 4pm when it closes. Even on Sundays.

“Now the schools have re-opened it’s got worse. Without doubt it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

The issue was discussed at Newquay Town Council’s meeting last Wednesday.
Cllr Gardner said: “The centre in Newquay has been a problem for some time now, long before the pandemic. It is clearly unfit for purpose.

“We are now in the middle of the third lockdown and Cornwall Council still do not seem to have learnt the lessons of the last two.

“If they insist on maintaining the restrictions then a proper traffic management and marshalling system needs to be put in place, like it was in the early part of last year.
“With Tretherras now back at school and a new primary school under construction, I fear for the safety of our children on Trevenson Road.

“I worry that it will get even worse as it looks as though Newquay is set for the busiest summer season on record.”

Treviglas Cornwall councillor Olly Monk said: “What is annoying is that this was so predictable. Why did no-one at Cornwall Council put any sort of measures in place to better manage the obvious increase in traffic? Increased opening times and a traffic light system would be a good place to start.”

Cornwall Council is urging residents to avoid unnecessary trips. Drivers are being urged not to obstruct roads and to return at a later time if there are long queues.
The number plate entry system is being enforced.

Cornwall Council is urging people to store items safely at home and to use the kerbside rubbish and recycling collection services where possible.

Rob Nolan, the portfolio holder for environment and public protection, said: “The staff are working incredibly hard so please be patient and respectful.”

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